Meet the star KING AKTIVE

Basil Munyaradzi Gadzikwa aka KiNG AkTive was born March 1992 in Harare(Mabvuku).King Aktive started his music career in 2009 at that time he was known as KRYSYS and was part of WE LEGENDS MUSIC which later on had to split because of studies,he went to Marondera to do Automotive Engineering at UMAA Institute of Zim 2012.

His first ever song was titled “Got’em on the run“ featuring one of the pioneers of Zim hip-hop Prometheus founder of Mabhururu studios,in 2012 King formed a group Team Halla Back which had 3 rappers and 6 dancers.THBE was affiliated with Tibilisi studios in Marlbereign for a period of a year,early 2013 he was introduced to another producer “Klasiq” of global Records Inc were he became part of the family.Later on that year he was signed to the label BIGSHOTS imprint of Global Rec Inc among 4 other artists Sharky,Meyniak,Savage & Isis at that time he had changed his name to KiDD Aktive.

He dropped his first single Ndakumberi which got him some street recognition then dropped his second single Tamba which made waves on all radio stations nationwide and was rated number 6 on the top 10 songs of the year 2014 by King Aktive(formerly Kidd)started performing at most hip-hop shows in the country alongside his label mates,once curtain raised for one of the top artist in Zim Jah Prayzah at Divaris Makaharis private school,he also made a national appearance at Miss Harare 2014.

He released his debut album TRAPPED in 2014 this project changed a lot with his unique style of rap and best production.King Aktive was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards 2014,later he dropped the remix to chart topping hit Mhamha Honai which he featured two heav yweights Cal_vin & GZE it got nominated for Best Collaboration at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards 2015,King became a proffessional performer with all his energetic moves thats were the ‘’AKTIVE”part comes in,spelt backwards its EVITKA which is a term for an artistic environment,2016 he was nominated for Best Performance Act at the Changamire Hip-Hop Festival Awards.

2017 he parted ways with the label due to some personal issues,he is now affiliated with Drip Gang Record Label based in Pretoria..King Aktive has 1 Album,1 EP, 4 Mixtapes under his name he is the co-founder of M.O.G he is under management owned by Royne.

I have more coming


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