38 and counting: A look at Comic Pastor’s epic moments on screen

The story of Prosper Ngomashi who just turned 38 is as comical as it is inspirational and as he celebrates another year in life, it is only proper that we look at some of his most memorable productions to date. 

Lennon Mudzengerere | earGROUND

The Comic Pastor is larger than life when it comes to comedy. With over a thousand minutes’ worth of content on his YouTube channel the maverick has showed that you can pastor and prosper all in the same laughter. 

Bamunini Nijo 

The lockdown period was stressful, but the Comic Pastor and Associates managed to ease us through thanks to the amazing Bamunini Nijo series. The three-season series was and is still a masterpiece and had everyone glued on their screens. The production was pure comedy gold, and it highlighted the Maiguru-Bamunini-Mukoma tripartite perfectly. 

It takes great skill to continuously switch from protagonist to antagonist in a comedy series and I am glad to say, Prosper tried it and prospered.

The show raked in hundreds of thousands of views and was later adopted by Nash Tv. Patricia Putsayi also put up a class act in the series. 

If you have not watched it, you should give it a chance. Although the Comic Pastor and Nigel the Slick Pastor were the fore characters, VaMandebvu also put in a masterpiece of an act. If you have not watched the series, you should binge-watch it. 


Unlike most of his productions, Pamabvi tends to steer away from the comedic theme we are accustomed to when it comes to his productions. The short film puts a spotlight on the sexual abuse that women tend to suffer at the hands of close relatives. We rarely see the Comic Pastor play an antagonist, and seeing him being a villain on screen was just an exhibition of his acting genius. 

The cinematic grading is also quite refreshing. The quality of the production is top-tier and is a testament to how serious the comic pastor takes his work. Spoiler; the short film features music heartthrob Feli Nandi and you can watch it here


This is the skit that shot The Comic Pastor to prominence, and it has aged well like wine. For those who were older in the days when WhatsApp Bundles were unlimited and the Nokia Asha was the iPhone equivalent, this was one of the best things we watched. The video quality might have suffered a bit from age, but the comedy is still gold. 

With “ama2000” acting out it might be a clever idea to adopt the concepts that The Comic Pastor laid out in his skit. In the skit, the Comic Pastor begins with a fancy “elevator pitch” whilst namedropping big names like Steve Jobs. The comedy is in the invention which is the “Shamhu”. The concept is gold and being able to pull it off a masterpiece on his own with limited equipment makes it even more profound. It is worth a watch and you should definitely do that. 

Ngomashi is a great creative who is not shy to help and raise others in the industry. Feli Nandi and Nijo are some of the many artists who have openly acknowledged getting assistance from the Comik Pastor”

Comic Pastor and his associates at Padendere for his 38th birthday celebrations.

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