AFRICA | Ugandan folk tale inspired film NAMBI releases trailer ahead of 2023 premiere

NAMBI, an adaptation from the original Ugandan folk tale of Kintu, tells the popular story with a different approach, one that introduces the character of Nambi to the minds and hearts of our audiences in a new and compelling way.

The trailer for the fantasy film NAMBI was this week released by ADDMAYA stars Doreen, Nabbanja, Bint Kasedde, Michael Musoke, Jenkins Joel Mutumba, and Opio Moses Isingoma. The film will debut in 2023.

Against the advice of her dear father Ggulu [Michael Musoke] – Nambi [Doreen Nabbanja], the only daughter of the heavenly realm, decides to descend from the comforts of her royal heritage and idyllic home to start a life with caveman Kintu. Ignorant of the growing dissent in the heavenly realm and the weight of her decision, Nambi naively charts her new path. However, her decision soon tips the scale on the delicate balance of existence of her world, which sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to the collision of the heavenly and earthly realms in a final battle for supremacy over the world.

Nambi is directed by Peter Mukiibi from a screenplay by Peter Mukiibi based on the story of Kintu, Dennis Abwakat and Usama Mukwaya are the producers.

Peter Mukiibi, Ak Simba and Dennis Abwakat,  serve as the executive producers.

Donate here to support the completion of this film. 


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