European Film Festival Zimbabwe announces the BIOSKOP Short Film contest 2022 finalists

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe (EuroFilmFestZW)’s has announced the finalists films for the Biskop Short Film Contest 2022. The competition is part of this year’s EuroFilmFestZW 2022 program, which runs from 20-23 October in Bulawayo, and 27-30 October in Harare.

The competition in its third year was open to filmmakers from across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora (Europe/Africa) and the winners are expected to be announced very soon.

This year’s line-up consists of screenings of prime European feature films, a curated selection of African short films ( including the winning films from the Bioskop competition), and the festivals first Input conference, a platform dedicated to the business side of film.

This will be the third edition of the contest, running under the theme ‘Shifting Perceptions’. Change is difficult.

Gilmore Tee (Festival Coordinator)

This year Bioskop will be adjudicated by an esteemed panel of judges, a selection of film professionals who are making their mark locally and internationally. The judging panelists are:

  • Kalai Barlow – An award-winning Zimbabwean director and producer whose rich and layered work is rooted in a collision of cultures, from art and design to humanitarian aid.
  • Mattieu Eberhardt –  from France and is the Online Director at Festival Scope. His focus is on expanding the reach of independent cinema, helping festivals go digital in the best way possible.
  • Daniel Lasker –  a Zimbabwean born Actor and Filmmaker. He is known for his appearances in “Raised By Wolves” on HBO Max, Noughts & Crosses on BBC One, “Vagrant Queen” on SYFY and “Abraham Lincoln” on the History Channel.
  • Sibongile Mlambo – Zimbabwean born actress based in Los Angeles. She recently starred as the lead in the 2022 NAACP Image Awards nominated short, “Blackout”. A few of her TV credits include “Lovecraft Country” (HB0), “God Friended Me” (CBS), and “Lost In Space” (Netflix).
  • Tongayi Chirisa – Born in Zimbabwe, Tongayi is an actor based in the U.S. His TV credits include “N.C.I.S”, “American Horror Story” and “Hawaii 5-0.” He was also in the highly anticipated film “Antebellum,” opposite Janelle Monáe, in the Lionsgate thriller.



  1. EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds | Directed by Danai Madondo & Derrick Manieca
  2. Chingwa | Directed by Mordekai Beven Musona
  3. Ad Meliora | Directed by Liam Timothy Brickhill


  1. Life of the extremely beautiful | Directed by Derrick Manieca
  2. Basketry in Binga | Directed by Prosper Kunyetu
  3. EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds | Directed by Danai Madondo & Derrick Manieca


  1. We are children of the stars | Directed by Kiara Ana Rosa-Wojtkowska
  2. Basketry in Binga | Directed by Prosper Kunyetu
  3. Behind The Horn | Directed by Nigel Lozane


  1. Life of the extremely beautiful | Directed by Derrick Manieca
  2. EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds | Directed by Danayi Madondo & Derrick Manieca
  3. Basketry in Binga | Directed by Prosper Kunyetu


  1. REED | Directed by Tracy Gimase Amadi (Kenya)
  2. XIII-TAI-LEGEND | Directed by Jonathan Samukange (USA)
  3. Eruption | Directed by Sinomtha Nduna (South Africa)

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