Sungura Blast: Collision of the Old and The New

by Lennon Mudzengerere

It’s two days before the biggest Sungura show post-COVID is set to put Harare to a standstill. Are you ready? Gateway Stream Music has been riding on a high wave since the Redefined Concert. the HICC is no mean feat and doing it with a local lineup is even more special. This weekend, GatewayStream in partnership plans to raise seismic waves again but with a Sungura lineup. 2022 has been a good year for Sungura by any metric. Sold out shows, solid albums, international tours, and big steps in the video production department, there is certainly nothing more you could ask for from the genre.

It is not so long ago when music especially Sungura and Kanindo were strictly a male territory. So excessive was male chauvinism that men would instead imitate feminine voices or play the role of women on a song or performance. Shantel Sithole is determined to break the stereotypes, prejudice and make records.

The year saw the release of the anticipated Alick Macheso album, and the music sphere has been in delirium ever since. The album has managed to keep the proverbial king of Sungura on his feet since its release. This will be the first time to have Alick Macheso performing at the HICC since COVID hit and it will certainly be a show not to miss. If you still reminisce about the 2006 sold-out Alick Macheso show at the same venue, then this will certainly have you vibrating in your boots.

The album has put Ngwazi in the “hot” comparison seat with Macheso. The talented artist has however gone all out extinguishing the comparison flames, rightly lauding respect to Macheso for setting a strong foundation in the genre. Seeing the two share the stage will still be quite a sight though. After being marred with “sound” problems on the 3RD of September at Pamuzinda, the gifted lyricist gets a chance at redemption on Saturday.

The Senior Lecturer, Nicholas Zacharia also makes the lineup. It cannot be a Sungura show, without the bearded maestro. With a strong catalog and experience, Zachariah seems to be aging like wine if his recent shows are anything to go by. Madzibaba has always been one for the big stages and having part of the lineup will certainly be a huge drawcard.

Stakeholders in the Sungura industry have always bemoaned the lack of support for female talent in the genre and will certainly be pleased to hear that talent Kanindo songstress, Shantel Sithole is also part of the lineup. Baba Harare and Sulu Chimbetu are tried and tested performers in their own right, andwill be looking to also serenade the crowd with both superstars promising releases.

The talented prodigy Audinace Kuimba is probably the best part of the concert. With most genres, looking and investing in the future, Audinance Kuimba might be the next big thing in the music industry.

Tickets are already on sale at Med Orange Pharmacies and Cresta Jameson Hotel. There is no reason to miss the biggestparty of the year. Make your way ot HICC (Rainbow Towers) on Saturday and enjoy!


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