NuttyO, Feli Nandi, Jah Prayzah, Takura, Enzo Ishall and Killer T, Set to Shake Up Purple Festival

by Lennon Mudzengerere

Booties Pharmacy is a maverick in the business scene and when they announced that they were hosting a festival, it was a no brainer to assume that they will even get bigger names in the industry.

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle

The Harare entertainment scene has been hot since the onset of the summer season and this weekend it is about to go a notchhigher. Booties Pharmacy has been partnering several entertainment initiatives for years and the way they are setting up their festivalshows that they have picked up the important tit bits.

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle

The venue Belgravia Sports club is quite central and allows revelers from both ends of Samora to easily access the festival. Talk about convenience The fact that by the break of noon on Thursday, the stage was already set up shows the commitment the organizers have in putting up a well-organized event.

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle

The Booties Purple Festival lineup is literally to die for. With how busy the entertainment industry is now; it is difficult to get a show with such a diverse lineup. But Booties Pharmacy being Booties Pharmacy managed to pull it of. On the RnB end, you have the best voice available on the line up in the form of Takura. Riding high on his latest release of Goosebumps, the superstar is set to serenade the crowd.

Feli Nandi who put up a charming performance at the recently held Amplifaya festival is also another act to look out for. The female crooner has an amazing live band and her energy on stage is quite breath taking. When it comes to Jah Prayzah, there really is nothing we can say. His discography and previous shows are enough do the talking

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle

If you are a fan of dancehall, the biggest prospect in the industry, Nutty O is part of the lineup. Coming to the festival fresh form an AFRIMMA Nomination, the young chanter has a chance to show revelers why he is the next in line for the dancehall throne. Enzo Ishall and Killer t also make the lineup.

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle

The day is set to start with a fitness circuit which includes a Zumba session with the famous Zorro and Shabach the Band will transition revelers to the main buffet of the night, Be sure to attend the event and make it a point to enjoy the PURPLE FESTIVAL

PURPLE FESTIVAL | #healthylifestyle


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