Zambian Based Artist Natasha Chansa drops visuals to ‘JUNGLE’ track 3 off the EP

She is a ball of fire and one of the voices to watch from Africa. Having been in the industry for 3 years now, fast rising Singer, Rapper, Writer and producer Natasha Chansa is ready to release her official debut project, not only will Natasha be releasing her project, she’s getting her fans to be a part of the release by hosting a free the Genesis Experience Live. 

Natasha Chansa has gained popularity and is currently spearheading the Zambian New Wave with her undeniable talent and eloquence.

Having been featured on some of the biggest projects and shows in the country, Natasha is finally ready to make her debut that is set to be released on the 1st of October, 2021. 

“Natasha Chansa laces this song with her eloquent flows and lyrics. She raps about this being her beginning and her blooming in her career, she speaks on how she’s no longer holding it back with her art and music. She features rapper Church Ulukuta, who happens to be Natasha’s producer and producer of the song”.

The Genesis EP is a double sided EP that portrays Natasha Singing and Rapping Capabilities. Natasha released 2 lead singles earlier in the year, They Know that feature Cjayy one half of the rap duo, the fake. On this song she shows her rap abilities on a fan grime beat. She also released Show Me an Afro song that features Zimbabwean singer Darrel. Both singles set the pace and created anticipation of the EP further.

On The Genesis EP, Natasha Features Slap Dee, one of Zambia’s leading rap artists on Disciple. She also features her producer, rapper and producer Church ulukuta on Jungle.  She also features a number of Musicians, Chanx, lead guitarist, Samuel Petersen Guitarist , Chipego Chigali Violinist and Mutemewa Cymbala Saxophonist.


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