Aesthetician Mabel Machabvunga-Bulter making international impact with Tapira brand.

Zimbabweans continue to register global successes in various sector. South Carolina (USA) based Mabel Machabvunga-Bulter an accomplished licensed aesthetician who an international certification in Aesthetics from the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) in the United Kingdom (UK) is making inroads with Tapira. She is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Body Sugaring and Wellness Spa, one of the fore-runners of the sugaring technique in the United States of America (USA). She is also the President of an amazing and innovative skincare brand Tapira sugar paste manufacturing company.


Mabel is also a Certified Instructor in sugar paste hair removal techniques, among other certifications in the skincare and beauty industry. She has experience sugaring around the world, including California, Texas, London as well as Africa. Mabel is also a highly respected educator and skin-care expert in USA and in Africa. She has an impressive 21 years of experience in the skincare and beauty industry.

What started out as an interest in seeing the world at the age 18 was to be the beginning of her career in the skincare industry, starting off as head spa therapist for Celebrity Cruise lines.

After travelling around the world and interacting with hundreds of skincare experts she landed in South Carolina where she founded the Body Sugaring and Wellness Spa in 2010.

Her visionary perspective on all things skincare is what eventually led to the creation of her very own perfected sugaring paste, Tapira sugaring paste. The paste is an environmentally conscious product, from how the cane is grown without the use of agricultural chemicals to the 100% unrefined organic certified sugar raw material. Similarly, all skincare products under Tapira are produced under the same principle of being organic and environmentally conscious.

Growing up in Zimbabwe where looking to nature as a source for both organic food and medicine for her family was the norm, Mabel naturally gravitates towards the usage of skincare products in their organic state, with emphasis on value and high standards without sacrificing quality.

Mabel Machabvunga-Bulter

Purpose, Performance and People are her driving forces as Mabel’s journey continues: aspiring to always do what is right, aiming to go above and beyond set goals and having the desire to help other people to succeed. She applies this in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Mabel Machabvunga-Butler currently resides in South Carolina with her husband and their two daughters.


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