100% Local content : Urban Grooves’ Best 100 songs

Here is a throwback I have been meaning to make in a very long while now. I am a keen follower of local music and I consider myself really privileged and blessed to have lived at a time major revolutions took place in our local music industry. Two of those being witness to the rise of two urban contemporary genres Urban Grooves and Zimdancehall.

By Marshall Shonhai | Opinion

The focus though today is on The Urban Grooves revolution, a revolution somewhat forced down our throats for reasons that are both controversial and debatable. Reasons which are not the main focus of this article, the focus today is celebrating a genre that gave birth to the local sound we hear today, a genre on whose shoulders even Zimdancehall stands tall on. A genre that trailblazed and pioneered that path for us to have a SoulJah Love, a Nutty O, a Tamy Moyo and a Holy 10 today.

I am a purely 90s child and I was raised on Radio 3, that’s an old story. We grew up on Peter Johns, Bridget Gavanga, Kevin Sfelani and all of them. That means we were raised on soul, RnB, Hip Hop and the like. We grew up on 2pac and Biggie, SWV and Zhane, we listened to Twisted, I wanna be down and Water runs dry.

Delani Makhalima

We would from time to time switch the dial to Radio 2 but staple diet was Radio 3, hardly did we hear local music playing and it was such a big deal when Calvin and Muzi’s Tombofara went all the way to number 1 on the most prestigious radio chat in the land.

Calvin and Muzi (tombofara) with Sbusi from Zimbabwe at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards

All that changed overnight one day when the government suddenly announced a 100% local content policy across all radio stations.

Suddenly all the nice RnB and Hip Hop we were accustomed to disappeared from the airwaves and a huge void was created. A lot of young people had to jump in to feel the gap because there was now an urgent need for content.

A lot of studios came up and a lot of producers too, talk of Step Aside, Take 5, That Squad, TBA, Tony G of Baseline Studios amongst others.

As a whole nation we were forced to appreciate our own music, like I said, the reasons for the sudden policy change are a huge talking point but I choose to ignore them in this article. Back then, there was no choice, we only had radio because accessing music online was still a pipe dream for many here. So local music it was.

For us to have a Takura, a Feli Nandi and a Kiki Badass it wouldn’t have been possible without a Betty Makaya, a Roki or the group Xtra Large.

Women in Urban Grooves

The good quality of music we are enjoying today would not have been a possibility without Thornhill Boys singing discord on national radio.

When I thought of writing this article, I set off to compile what I thought were the best ten urban grooves songs of all time, then they became 20 and as I dug deeper into my archives, the song grew to 50 and I finally resigned at a hundred songs, songs I believe we all can agree were at some point the hit songs that rocked both radio and every household.

This list is in no particular order and it is not exhaustive, I tried my best, my very best really, but I am sure I might have missed a few songs that deserve to be on the list. Please mention them as we relive a golden age that set the pace for local urban contemporary music.

1.Chenge – NME

2.Tariro – Crissy B

3.Handirege – Roy and Royce

4.Chido Decibel

5.Hapana chakaipa- David Chifunyise ft Take 5

6.Musalala – Ex Q

7.Madam – Souls of Africa

8.Unidzoka here – MC Villa ft Priscilla

9.Seiko Roki ft Leonard Mapfumo

10.Ndichakutevera – Exq ft Roki

11.Misodzi – Yombre Man ft Roki

12.Bhogo Bhogo – Memory Zaranyika

13.Deception – Uncle Jaunda

14.Tsamba – Bootklin Clan

15.Wandinoda – (So Ndiyani)

16.Usacheme – Thornhill Boys

17.Chitsidzo – Diana Samkange ft Blush & Shayne Ndingz (2BG)

18.Mudiwa – 2BG (Two Boys and a Girl

19.Ndizvo Chete – Mafriq

20.Mazirudo – Exq

21.Usadaro – Sani Makhalima

22.Uriroja – Xtra Large

23.Wandinoda (Kushamula Newe) – Tembalami, Xtra Large and Victor D

24.Ndazvipira – (Tisaparadzene) Plaxedes Wenyika

25.Boy you got to know – Tia

26.Came to Party – Major Playaz

27.Ndiwe – Tambudzai Gomo

28.Ungowami Baby Boy – Skhu

29.Hamba Nobani – PoZee and Skhu and Skhu

30.Waenda – Tererai Mugwadi

31.Misodzi – Nembo Bwoy ft Pido Bwoy and Ital

32.Tamari – Trinta Honey Vibes

33.Tsaona – D Flexx

34.ChiDanger – (Chimoko chine Flavor)Nasty Tricks ft C-Blud

35.Seiko – Gordon Taurai Nzira ft Sanii

36.Chitsidzo Jameson Adams

37.If only you knew Audious Mutawarira

38.Nyeredzi – Taurai

39.Ndazviparira Sarah Mwayera

40.Chimoko (Ndakuda) Roy and Royce ft NME

41.Chamhembe anthem

42.Pukunyu Kuligan and Kalabash

42.Madhara – Decibel

44.Maidei – Leonard Mapfumo ft ExQ

45.Handirege – Roy and Royce

46.Mazuva ose – Ronnie Huni ft Judah E

47.Amai – ?uess

48.Zvachose – Kevie

49.One Room – Sniper Storm

50.Muchinda Wangu (Jehovah) – Maskiri

51.Rudo Rwemari – Stunner ft Nyasha & ExQ

52.Yakanaka Yakadaro – Steppa

53.Nyo – Bootkin Clan(Microphone Riddim)

54.Aripo – Shame and Nathan

55.Matindingoma – Project Family

56.Letter To My Ex – Shayndingz ft Nyasha

57. Chigutiro Anthem – Chigutiro All Stars

58.Nox – Maria

59.Muviri Wese – Maskiri ExQ & Gumiso

60. Ndakusuwa – Betty Makaya

61. Ndazvipira – Plaxedes Wenyika

62. Suzzana- Roki

63.I salute You – King Pinn

64.Inauguration – King Pinn

65.My Dreams Innocent Utsiwegota ft Major E & Marlvin S

66.Tauya Naye Remix – David Chifunyise ft Tamara, Iyaah & Sniper

67.Kurwizi – Jamal ft Betty Makaya

68. Kuenda Mberi – Conrad Nduna

69.Mazirudo – ExQ

70.Judah E – Kabhasikoro

71.Ndafunga Kure TK Hollun ft Kevie & Dazzen 12

72. Chibvukubvuku – Alexio ft Ell-T & Nesto

73.Lyrical Editor – Major E

74.Wandipengesa – Nesto ft J-Tyriq

75.Bum Jive – Blush ft Shayne Ndingz and Diana Samkange (2BG)

76. Shake Umzimba Wakho – Major Playaz

77.Fadzai – Goodchild

78.Shake It – Maddflavah

79.Ndino Wangu – Willom Tight

80.Country Boy – Innocent Utsiwegota ft Major E

81. Jesa – Trinity ft Roki

82.Moyo Muti – Major E, Booker T and Mavin S

83.Bvuma – Ngoni Kambarami

84.Musikana Akanaka – Alexio

85.Tinodabana – Alexio ft Tererai Mugwadi

86.Chirangano Chedu – Dino Mudondo ft Willom Tight

87.Kupinda Newe Nasty Tricks

88.Amina – Madiz

89. Kanandirere – Jerry

90.The Flyest – MC Chita ft Jay-1

91.Handirare (Missing you) Prince Mafukidze

92. Wanga – Afrika Revenge

93. Pamuhacha -Mateo and Friends

94. Let It Play – Pax Afro

95. Nerunako – Trevor Dongo

96.Makanika – King Shady

97.Ndini Ndinaye – Cindy Munyavi ft Roki

99.Madam Mombesohara – Maskiri

100.Munetsi – Seven


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