22 Zimbabwe songs with DOUBLE words as titles

In an online conversation that started on earGROUND most people confirmed that Zimbabweans have the habit of echoing themselves for emphasis. Shingi Mavima compiled 22 songs whose titles are a repetition of words. Feel free to add more.

Compiled by Shingi Mavima

Twenty Two Double Word Songs

  1. Jah Prayzah- Boi Boi Jah Prayzah – Boi Boi (Official Music Video)
  2. King Isaac Uye Uye: King Isaac- Uye Uye (Official Audio)
  3. Noble Stylez: Ndeip Ndeip: Noble Stylz ft Wadiwa Muziq – Ndeipi Ndeipi
  4. Master KG, ft Nox & Tyfah: 7. Master KG – Kure Kure Feat [Nox & Tyfah] (Official Audio)
  5. Ammara Brown ft Jah Prayzah- Kure Kure: Ammara Brown and Jah Prayzah – KURE KURE
  6. King Isaac Pangu Pangu: King Isaac – Pangu Pangu
  7. ZCC Brass Band-Ndire Ndire: ZCC Brass Band-Ndire Ndire (Most recent version)
  8. Nasty Tricks- Tamba Tamba: Nasty Tricks- Tamba tamba
  9. Mbuya Madhuve- Ndega Ndega:Mbuya Madhuve – Ndega ndega (Zimbabwe Traditional Music/ Mbira/ Zimbabwe Liberation War songs)
  10. Pengaudzoke- Ndega Ndega- Pengaudzoke – Ndega ndega
  11. Nesto- Ndega Ndega: Nesto-Ndega Ndega(Earnestly Speaking 2004)
  12. Selmor Mtukudzi- Ndega Ndega: Ndega Ndega
  13. Tocky Vibes: Munhu Munhu- Tocky Vibes – Munhu munhu
  14. Andy Muridzo- Rure Rure:Andy Muridzo – Rure Rure (Official Video)NAXO Films 2017
  15. DT Bio Mudimba: Kujata jata
  16. I Finton- Mukuru Mukuru: I Finton – Mukuru Mukuru
  17. Matonto: Ncam Ncam: matonto – ncam ncam (EXCLUSIVE)
  18. ExQ- Tseu Tseu: EXQ – Tseu Tseu (Official Audio)
  19. Poptain- Pfau Pfau: Poptain- Pfau Pfau Official Music Video
  20. Leonard Dembo- Zii Zii: Leonard Dembo – Zii Zii
  21. Jah Prayzah- Gochi Gochi- jah praise gochi gochi
  22. Shinso Man- Mawaya waya- Shinsoman – Mawaya waya

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