Shantel Sithole a rising star breaking stereotypes to make records

It is not so long ago when music especially Sungura and Kanindo were strictly a male territory. So excessive was male chauvinism that men would instead imitate feminine voices or play the role of women on a song or performance. Almost all the bands that existed in the 80s and 90s comprised of man so to see a young, talented and daring woman take up music and a genre that never accommodated women is very refreshing. Shantel Sithole is determined to break the stereotypes, prejudice and make records.

By Plot Mhako

Shantel Sithole is a young and rising artist born in Chipinge who sings Kanindo music. She was raised in a family of three and happens to be the first daughter of the late Samson Sithole and the late Loveness Machuwaire.

When her parents died she was taken by her mother’s sister Juliet Machuwaire and started living in Chitungwiza as an orphan where she did her Primary and secondary education at Gaza high school.

She started singing and composing her own songs at a very tender age and later went on to enrol at HICA school of music to learn music and Art. Shantel had her first studio session in 2018 at Makumbe production where she was nurtured by Producer Gibson Makumbe and it is then that she started doing baking vocals for a lot of different well known artists.

Then later released her debut album New Dawn which received encouraging support and the most well known song was Torasa Muswe where she featured Mark Ngwazi. This year Shantel Sithole did her second Album titled Golden Glory which further propelled her on the national radar with her song Nga-Nga-Nga where she featured Baba Harare.

How she fell in love with music genre that is either unknown to the youth of today and frowned upon by those in the know is quite fascinating.

I love Kanindo music because it brings me some font and old good memories of my past life with my late parents”

Kanindo beat is distinctive by its fast-paced rhythmic beat and bouncy finger-picking-guitar technique. The core of Kanindo is the lead guitar which essentially follows the track of the vocals. Outstanding is the instrumental expanse that combines three or four guitars and percussions. #ThePatriot

“In the early 70s there was a musical outfit from Tanzania or Kenya which was called KANINDO JAZZ BAND. The Music from Kenya and Tanzania was called Kamba or Benga music. It was popularised in Zim by the guerillas who had received training in Tanzania.”


She is currently working on her third album called Hard talks which will be released in a few months.

Great appreciation to Makumbe Productions and Naxo Films for believing in new talent. Such support is very commendable.


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