Through intersections of music, pop culture, and styles, earGROUND is here to give you 5 AFRICAN NEW VOICES who are set to blow up and new amazing voices you definitely need to check out.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


You know it, the vibe is always lit. You know it !!!. Just her stage presence is enough to convince anyone of how amazing she is. Where the vibes are lit, you definitely know she is will be there. From ZED, she is moving up the ladder to dominate and mark a visible footprint. Zambia has been producing some the amazing creatives over the past years. She recently dropped her first ep tittle “ THE GENESIS EP” and wooow !!! Just the first track says it all. We will let you experience it.



His main goal is to entertain and inform people through the universal power of music using his abilities of the African Rhythms, Melodie’s and Lyrics. As someone who is connected to the people he tells a story that one can easily understand and relate to. He makes music that moves and connects with one’s soul. He has something brewing fresh, keep your ears on the ground.

Solution GC | Gombo | upcoming album’s title track


The new generation of creatives is changing the norm and also giving birth to fresh and diverse sounds. The 22 year old NYOTA has a diverse sound and yet fresh. One that you can listen to and say “ mmm this is really dope”. Rhythm and flow are some of the elements she has managed to grab by the hand. A new voice on the African plate you definitely need to check out.


Crossing over to Kigali, Rwanda, we take a look at another amazing voice on the African plate set to take the world by storm. Loving her visible aesthetic you can’t ignore it. Her vocals will draw you closer to wanting to search more about ARIEL and who she is. Her message and storyline is one that you can follow. A journey surely worth being part of.

Good Luck


Fact! Social media is evolving at a very faster pace and no one anticipated this speed. It’s a good thing to see creatives such as ‘SPACE’ grabbing the space by their bare hands. Loving how he uses different sounds to create a vibe. Recently he dropped ‘TSAKO PITORI’, definitely a must listen to.


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  1. I just want to make this world a better living place for everyone from everywhere through the music I sing,the message and teachings it carries is meant to inspire someone to motivate someone to encourage someone… So thank you so much EARGROUND for keeping your ears on the ground…. DEFINITELY… THE ALBUM IS COMING

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