What does the Blockchain technology revolution mean for Africa’s recording music industry?

Firstly we must define the title facets of this Article in context to the Recording Music Industry and the streaming model “song Economy” (the form of Artificial intelligence and Blockchain Technology Software. Music industry context ) 

By TP Mashingaidze

Blockchain Technology software provides for a unique uncompromisable digital Identification code with a digital open ledger feature that works in real time. Subtraction and updating “immediately in real time this is mind blowing helpful for the independent Artist nation that has been neglected by the big recording Labels and their huge Advances‘ for top visible Artists.

This in simple terms means if you are an independent Artist Stay independent as the trend  analysis of Music trends and j infrastructure all point to a more powerful independent Atmosphere, If you are an independent Artist you must get a management team with this vision and proactive data tooling services that will secure royalties from published works whilst retaining their intellectual property and copyright ownership . 

Artificial intelligence tools refers to automotive capable software that can generate patterns without human help . In the form of devices or inventions or simply software ( contextual definition in music) 


“These two are coming swiftly into our Africa providing A utility that gives the signed Artist and the unsigned independent  Artist  a fair ground start as these tools will provide accounting  if Financial gains from the streaming Platforms immediately  and without any error this means when someone access the song the payment will go through immediately to the Artist and it updates in real time giving a transparency that is lacking in the industry  with Artists forfeiting billions of dollars because of publishing errors and other glitches in the streaming model.    This will give power to the Artists who need this Financial harvest to maintain themselves and their families.  

So what must the Artist’s in Africa understand ?

“That we are moving towards a fan interaction Economy towards Multi Verse A virtual world of Music innovation and diversity  that will be the model of many artists  as they will find it lucrative to be supported by fans directly cutting out the middlemen out of the picture . 

Secondly intellectual property is Gold more than Gold in fact The NFTS And Blockchain crypto models have shown that Music catalogue are the future of investment in the business world.

The recording music industry in Africa is the only Model that can capitalise fully from the new models and platforms as shown by Statista that the south African Market Accrued 500million from streaming yet we only have less than4 percent of the continent with Access to streams via the internet (user penetration ) RISA Report2021 ). This Shows that Africa is mainland for Music and no one is going to tell us  that as this would make for a prepared African Artist and industry.


Independent Artists Nation the independent Artists will rise under” Super Managers” and Industry fixers and companies that will provide the infrastructure to partner them and help monetize and sort out Legal documentation and Royalties and synchronisation smart contracts and liaising with Foreign networks in distribution .

Voice Automation hardware textless sound interfaces/ Speakers and many other tools will be a feature in the new utility tools in music.

* African Artist are about to be very wealthy  as the next users of the streaming model can only come from Latin America And bits of Asia but Africa finds itself projected to be the youngest continent in terms of youthfulness and the most populated country in terms of Demography. 

YouTube Music will  be a billion  dollar company in the next two years  as the platform will be a milling  ground of copyrights and transactions .

 2021/22  season has already been a year to the usual ,a wave of transformed socialisation due to the Pandemic has left the Arts and Entertain in at first disarray! ,after it’s all been said and done the music industry in Africa is growing exponentially with the gains  in growth  that we never expected the question is how is Africa  going to capitalise on this “musical decibel gold rush”. Digitalization is a pivotal part in this we must be able to interpret global trends.

 South Africa is the biggest music market in Africa  with a growth: index rate  that is more than 11.4 % because of its mobile penetration increase this is the ability of the consumers to be able to access the Internet (Broadband) through a mobile device this has made South Africa’s Music market the most lucrative. According to the last fiscal year : the industry as of ,“October 2021” stands at staggering R34 billion” this is amazing this gives an opportunity for the  rest of sub Saharan region to maximize on this Growth . 

“The Government’s of Africa need to be able to implement legislature that is participative of this inevitable trend meaning investing in the total digitalisation of all broadcasting mediums, leaving the analog systems in the past and Increasing internet bandwidth with  up to date rendering and upload speeds 5G capable  speed facilitation by partnering with regionally established and local and regional  service Providers.

The inability to do this will again shadow our economic gain , Recent Acquisitions in the Music  industry Such as the Investment in Africa by the  Warner brother Group international which  is owned by “The Company” in the  Music industry  everyone knows who  the  company” is  it is the Mr Graine led Universal Music company or Universal Music Corporation” that controls half owns most of the Globes Music Industry from recording to Publishing, Universal Music company is so powerful that it owns the top 10 record labels or record companies  Publishers  in the world ! it competes only with itself and has made strides on the African Continent to Distribute our Music and to offer publishing.


It is truly the Scramble for Africa once Again and I myself a keen follower of the Music Industry Predicted the recent Acquisitions and Partnering with locally owned Companies which is the Warner business model  within the Industry .


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