Batsirai Shasha and Florence Chaurura: Momager elevating son in music

Florence Chaurura has been managing her son Batsirai,Shasha who is a musician, since 2018 and is excelling at it.The momager has proven to be a woman of many facets as she is a business woman, church founder, a mother, a wife and manager. She has successful managed her son in the music industry.

By Kudakwashe E. Zihonye

Batsirai Shasha has 2 albums to date and has more than 63000 followers on Facebook. She also manages his social media and this has resulted in a thriving career for her son.

The word momager was derived from Kris Jenner who is well known for successfully managing her children, the Kadharshians, in showbiz and they have become worldwide sensations.

Florence Chaurura is the founder of Mufakose Community Church, owns a Freight company, a clothing factory and many other businesses. She is an inspiration to women and mothers out there who are afraid of handling the pressure associated with managing a musician.

Mrs Chaurura has managed to elevate her son from grassroots to great heights in the music industry even though she had neither prior knowledge of nor experience in the music industry. Her trump cards were her personal drive and a passion to see her son grow and do what he loves most.

Florence Chaurura said that Batsirai’s first year in music was the hardest as she had to learn a lot about the music industry. She invested her time in learning the ropes. To make her son’s dreams a reality, she knocked on many doors in search of knowledge, including ZIMURA.

Batsirai Shasha

“At first it seemed like a joke and people reacted differently. Some did not take me seriously and I had to put so much effort to convience everyone that I was a serious manager not just a mom. I would like to thank Mono Mukundu for playing a pivotal role in enlightening me in music. He also suggested to me producers that were ideal for Batsirai’s genre. I met a lot of managers including Jah Prayzah’s Keen Mushapaidze and also Winky D’s manager.”

Florence Chaurura

Florence has transcended cultural norms and stereotypes which do not accept a woman in her 50’s to be running around with guitarists and musicians with the industry being mostly dominated by men. She said she is usually there when Batsirai performs live at different venues such as bars, restaurants, churches, hotels and theatres. 

“Batsirai is a live performer and most of the time I have to take care of the band logistics. Sometimes I have to drive late at night to ensure the group is safe. Batsirai performs his songs before he records them in the studio. He loves live performances. His genre of music, Afro Fusion, is captivating,”


Batsirai has a studio at home where he records his music and producers come to his studio. His mother has also established an administrative office to cater for his finances. Therefore, there are minimal chances of emblezzment of funds. All payments and production costs are professionally handled by the administrative office.


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