Bioskop Short Film Competition 2022 to Shift Perceptions #EuroFilmFestZW

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe (EuroFilmFestZW), running from 20-23 October in Bulawayo and 27-30 October in Harare, in partnership with the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe and its member states, is happy to announce the return of the Bioskop Zimbabwe Short Film Competition. “This will be the third edition of the contest, running under the theme ‘Shifting Perceptions’.

Change is difficult. Often we are not ready for it, and most times we don’t want it. But we need it. It is a requirement if we are to move forward, if we are to remain progressive. We strike a balance when we approach things with a sense of awareness and resilience. EuroFilmFestZW 2022 is calling on all filmmakers from across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora (Europe/Africa) to enter their films for this unique Competition!”-

Gilmore Tee _ Festival Coordinator

This year Bioskop will be adjudicated by an esteemed panel of judges, a selection of film professionals who are making their mark locally and internationally.

The judging panelists are:

The competition is part of this year’s EuroFilmFestZW 2022 program, which runs from 20-23 October in Bulawayo, and 27-30 October in Harare. This year’s line-up consists of screenings of prime European feature films, a curated selection of African short films ( including the winning films from the Bioskop competition), and the festivals first Input conference, a platform dedicated to the business side of film.

For further information on how to submit your film, please visit the @EuroFilmFestZW social media platforms.

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