NaGuG ropes in John Cole to illuminate Simuka

UK based, award winning Zimbabwean Songwriter and performer Tendai Nelson whose professional name is NåGuG recently released a new song and music video titled ‘Simuka’ which is a celebration of her roots, culture and heritage. The moving track makes a great rallying call for young people to re-imagine and rise beyond the struggles and challenges of today.

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NaGuG which is an acronym for Nature, Advantage, Gem, Unique and Uncanny and Grand describes her music as soulful and captivating with lyrical depth, that evoke one’s thoughts.


On the project the award winning artist enlisted the services of prolific industry gurus; multi-award winning Los Angeles-based producer, Pascal Guyon and multi award-winning choreographer, music producer and creative John Cole to direct the video.

Whilst inspired by personal experiences the song relates to many, breathes hope and reminds the African child that they have to be resilient and stand tall in the face of adversity. 

“As an immigrant, it is inevitable that after seeing the world, you begin to value your culture, history, and heritage much more,”

NaGug on set

“The song Simuka embodies me speaking what I have grasped from the spirit of vanhu/Bantu which I have grown to acknowledge and understand better in my years of estrangement from home, over the years. Africa, particularly My Zimbabwe are a proud nation, wealthy in culture and resources, education and much more,” added NaGuG. 

NaGug revealed that she had always wanted to make an authentic visual interpretation for the song SIMUKA! (meaning Rise UP! ). Being a creative, she got lost her my creativity and was initially overwhelmed by how she could execute that vision. This however she says changed when she was introduced to John Cole and the result would be a vibrant and dance art. 

“It was a very pleasant experience working with John Cole and his team. He is professional and has a great business the art and entertainment industry in Zimbabwe and in Africa. He is very creative and believes in his craft. During my project he was communicative and handled any set backs with diplomacy and ensuring these got resolved.” NaGug

I removed myself form the video in order to allow the video to be authentic, i.e., having the words SIMUKA being sang and danced to by ‘young blood’ the children of Africa/Zimbabwe particularly who I want to hear and be inspired by the message of this song the most. 


The product is vibrant and full of life showing the cooperative work of Zimbabwean young people including, videographers, editors, costume designers/stylists, Dancers, Artists and Dreamers.


NaGug believes that the video is proof that young Zimbabweans are competent and professional in execution of projects and that more opportunities should be outsourced to them to build their experience.

“The video of SIMUKA is amplifying the message of coming together of young people hence I outsourced it to ‘young blood’ , Zimbabwe’s young and vibrant generation to amplify the message SIMUKA. I procured John Cole, known as best Dance choreographer and artist to direct  the project,” said the ZIMA 2022 nominated artist.

Some of her previous work include ‘Back to the Beginning’ and ‘EarthChild’ which were recorded at HubII studios and premixed by multi Grammy winning British Producer, Simon gorgerly

Watch Simuka below


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  1. so thankful at the support that NaGuG is starting to get. One artist with unique enticing angle. I look forward to more from her.


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