Cleo Arie back after a music sabbatical : Releases Jah Bless

Cleo Arie has cut short her musical sabbatical by releasing a banger that is warming us up this  cold winter titled Jah Bless produced by Victor Enlisted.

By Argus Mepo

As if that is not enough, the song was accompanied by a colourful and creative visualiser directed by her partner in crime Aaron Mheta (Director AM). 

One has a million reasons to like this song, its just likeable, the message it carries is heavy and uncontainable. 

Cleo Arie

The title of the song “Jah Bless” is a prologue of the entire song from the intro of the song down to the last verse. 

Its an intercession, as the songstress humbly requests for blessings from the Almighty as a means to withstand wickedness and prosper in this concrete jungle called Planet Earth. 

Jah Bless also unleashes an aura of hope to the hopeless and is a source of motivation to those who are on the verge of giving up. It also utters doom to haters because Cleo openly acknowledged that when God blesses he does so unconditionally. 

Beyond music, the song is a spiritual booster cum motivational artistic piece as the chanter relentlessly pleads for God’s blessings as she walks within this journey of life. Its a prayer within a song. 

The composition and lyrical arrangement of the song was complemented by her powerful and attention capturing vocals which adds value to the thematic issues covered by the song.

Its a song to watch for this year which has the potential to break new grounds by spreading love and positivity. Its now out on all digital platforms.


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