Hwabaraty to launch new project : Jelimani is Culturally rich!

It has been amazing watching Hwabaraty grow into this giant of a musician that he has become. Award winning musician and cultural ambassador Hwabaraty is set to release his lates offering Jerimani on the 29th of May at the Bulawayo Theatre.

By Bruce Ncube

Back in 2017 he released his 2nd album #WozaNhlanhla, an album that marked his arrival in the music scene, it introduced & established him as one of the best in the country & opened so many doors & opportunities for him.

No one would have seen it coming & no one would have thought that he would become this person who’s so deeply rooted in his culture; not only does he bring that out in his music that he composes himself but it’s also his lifestyle in general. He’s changed over the years into a very spiritual lifestyle, grounded & family oriented.

Growing up in Njube, you would have thought he would become a footballer or one of the modern rap artists but, watching him from afar over the years I can tell it’s like a calling to him, he was made for this kind of music, he still very much borrows a lot of traditional rhythms & chants that he fuses with a contemporary slant & a futuristic sound.


It’s the authenticity in his voice and how true he is with his vocal capability that makes him special. It is his ability to spot & collaborate with people who suit his style that makes him a cut above the rest.

You can hear the simple yet, so beautiful harmonies by Dudu Sibanda & I think Thandeka of Nobuntu, some of the finest backing vocalists you can ever get in Zimbabwe.

Jelimana is a very special album that shows my growth & depth, the album is full of percussion.”


The project makes him wholesome artist, he always knows exactly how he wants his music to go in terms of rhythm and time.


His songs have a deep meaning, telling stories of our ancestors & reminding Africans on the importance of respect & fully embracing who they are, he does all this through telling his own story & journey that many would relate to.

Bruce Ncube

The album is too rich & many would probably not get it something that reminds me of when Willis Wataffi won the best album a couple of years ago, no one was ready for that & many would have been asking themselves as to who he was because it’s music that you wouldn’t hear on a daily basis. 


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