Zim Hip Hop on a shift! Strikes the magic formula

The shift Hip Hop in Zimbabwe is going through right now it’s a pro creation of something that can tap into the international market. Recently Zim Hip Hop has horned the ability to pair bars and vocals creating a song with a catchy hook.

By Denzel Sambo, Zim Hip Hop’s Biggest Hypeman #263Post

According to Blvck Steph from #ESAM, “Music has become a big part of social media. Slowed + Reverb is of the most popular music trends currently. I first saw it with been used on Hip Hop tracks. Now it’s been used on all types of genres. It similar to a “remix” but they is no drastic changes to the track.”

Recently Zim Hip Hop has horned the ability to pair bars and vocals creating a song with a catchy hook. Without a proper hook, listeners will not have something to latch onto and may not remember your song & Hip Hop in Zimbabwe has mastered this concept as of late.

Hip Hop is a genre built on sampling so it has the liberty of creating something completely different without even crossing the line of what’s Hip Hop and what is not, unlike other sounds that have to stick to certain set Sonics to be recognisable.

The introduction of Alternative acts in the culture has granted Hip Hop a chance to create memorable songs with a bit of everything for every listener beyond the  peripherals of Hip Hop Purist. Most of these acts make Afro Centric Pop music some even lean more into Afro Beats, Amapiano etc meaning they are creating a formula of paring trend worthy relatable sounds with a little bit of Zim Hip Hop Roots and I call this the perfect Tik Tok takeover.

Here is why I say Its Hip Hop at the core because these Alternative Acts despite sounding a bit aloft they are singing over Hip Hop beats their producers are Hip Hop through & through and they mostly Rap sometimes without being conscious about it. A sound like this can do wonders for Zimbabwean music with enough push, I mean with enough Tik Tok because news flash we don’t need Trace, Channel O, MTV to tap into regional listeners.



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