Briss Mbada is back after a 5 year break! To drop single off forthcoming EP

The long awaited follow up project from his successful career, having dropped chart topping  singles such as Good Life, Ndinonyeba, Ane Swagger and Harare Hucci from his 2014 album,  Briss Mbada Nde Uyo, Briss Mbada is back on the African hip hop scene with a revived new sound, starting with the single Mutadzi.


Harare Hucci

This seasoned rapper has collaborated with some of  the most celebrated Zimbabwean artists such as Stunner, Huby Blakes, Mcy Ghost, Ti Gonzi,  Poptain, Crooger, gTbeats and South African hip hop dubbed “coolest rapper in SA” and  member of Boys And Bucks, Stilo Magolide and South African hottest female performing artist Sizzle Manizzle who also stars in Mutadzi music video. 

Briss Mbada

After 5-year hiatus in the hip-hop space, Briss Mbada is back to reclaim his spot in African hip hop. After having gone through a drug recovery process, Briss has rediscovered his mission through the experiences he has come across which have shaped his views in society. He shares  some of these episodes on his new project. 

The new single tackles a thought-provoking story of adversities the African society faces;  women who are manipulated to become escorts, forcibly sold by pimps for their selfish dividends. These women must oblige to these horrible conditions that they are subjected to survive.

Having seen and experienced the content of his music and the real stories of an African  and Zimbabwean storyteller through poetic rhymes, Briss Mbada is known for capturing his audience with not only through rapping but dancing, which is where his love for hip hop began. His love for fashion can be seen from the consistent image he is portraying, his artistic looks  speak volumes.


Mutadzi will be the first single from Briss Mbada’s upcoming EP with dates and names to be  announced soon. This long-awaited single will be premiered live for the first time ever on the  15th of May 2022 and more details will be shared on all Briss Mbada’s social media accounts.  You can listen to Briss Mbada’s music here.


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