Its no longer about a dominant genre as the Zimbabwean music pie gets bigger

For many years now, the musical space in Zimbabwe had been dominated by different genres, mainly Sungura, Urban grooves and Zimdancehall as of late.

By Argus Mepo

The implications of this setup was very severe especially to other genres which would be off the limelight, mainly because the dominant genre would silence other genres. Lest we forget how the Urban Grooves in the 2000s outshined the Sungura clan and how the Zimdancehall genre buried the Urban Grooves sound.

This has been the setup for more than two decades now and it has gave birth to new stars and shaped the musical discourse in the country.

However, with the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic it seems as if the odds have been shifting even in musical spaces.

As we speak, no genre is owning the ground, its no longer about the dominant genre but its now all about good music.

Stars are being born from all genres, Zimdancehall has nurtured new music stars like Beezman Chipoko Cha Sauro and Putin President who charmed fans at the recently held Kinnah birthday bash.

Within the same room, gospel artists like Dorcas Moyo, Mambo Dhuterere as well as Janet Manyowa have been making huge impact, an aspect that could have been impossible during the days of Sungura, Urban grooves and Zimdancehall dominance.

This is a noble development as it has enabled artists from various genres to enjoy the piece of the cake.

DT Bio Mudimba

Lest we forget that last year Kujata jata, a Sungura oriented song occupied the number 1 spot on the National FM and Radio Zimbabwe whilst Handipere Power and Pombi were number 1 on Star FM and PowerFM respectively.


Sungura was said to have been dead and buried but it has resurrected with force, artists like D T Bio Mudimba the Kujata Jata hitmaker and Mark Ngwazi, among others have been representing the sound with ease and high artistry.

As we speak, one of the biggest song for 2022 is Fire Emoji by Leo Magozz ft Brian Jeck and Bling 4 a song that is milking much from a hip hop, trap, drill as well as the dancehall fanbase.

This is telling evidence that reveals that as of late, no genre owns the hunting ground but it is open to every artist who is making good music from different genres unlike in the past.

This era is healthy for the growth of Zimbabwean music because it is not boxed within one certain confinement. Thats why we have seen artist from different genres, amongst them Killer T, Tamy, Nutty O, Ex Q, Poptain, Mambo Dhuterere, Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Holy Ten, Gemma Griffiths, among others taking turns to shine.

Overally, the Zimbabwean music space is now porous, accommodative and open to artists from all genres. However, this time it now requires total effort in creating good music, nice visuals and all, and only the stronger will survive.



  1. I need a chance guys can you help me please I’m artist i wanna you guys know me what i have to do


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