Leo Magozz is Zimbabwe’s newest breakthrough music artist

In the heart of Chegutu lies vast deposits of the precious mineral gold and in the same city the nation has also discovered the gold-coated musical star behind the voice of the man of the moment Leo Magozz. Tavonga Leo Magombedze and known professionally as Leo Magozz , the pop singer, songwriter is the fastest rising Zimbabwean musician.

By Argus Mepo

The super-talented Leo is level-headed and is aiming for the stars and galaxies, his complete body of work says it all, he is not here to play !

Leo Magozz

There’s a contagious warmth and even sunnier outlook that’s so integral to Leo Magozz’s sound that this rapid ascent makes sense.

Letter Z Music Factory and ZERO 53 MUSIC are doing something amazing

The stylish Leo blends a concoction of modern, sparing production with rich storytelling, romantic melodies, drill and uncompromisingly authentic lyricism.

His music is a true definition of urban music that appeals to a diverse fanbase across different genres.

Who doesnt love Chamunyurududu? Those expensive melodies coupled with fine lyrics and a heavy beat!

As we speak, Leo together with his croonies Brian Jeck and Bling 4 lit the streets with their smash hit Fire Emoji which is redifining the urban culture as of late. The song has became a sound track in the lives of the youths.

Like veld fires, Fire Emoji has gone viral and is one of the biggest releases for 2022 and Leo’s hook and priceless flow owned the song.

This year Leo Magoz has been cementing his presence in an exciting new league of honey-toned millennial crooners – Baba Harare, Tha Bees and Baev City to name a few all bringing their unique spin to fruition through massive collaborations with Leo.

The first quarter of 2022 is over and it seems like Leo Magozz has more to offer lets see how it goes and keep shining.


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