Zitaguru Takuman a rising, talented Hip Hop artist defying disability

Zitaguru TakuMan whose real name is Takudzwa Mavata was born on April 26 1999 at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. He then grew up in the dusty suburb of Tshovani in Chiredzi. The poetic lyricist intends to change the face of Zim Hip Hop by targeting the ghetto youths and inspiring them to create music that engages communities and change behaviour.

By Plot Mhako

Zitaguru TakuMan did his Primary education in Chiredzi and then proceeded to Chiredzi Christian College for his secondary and high school education.

The talented artist began rapping as a teen but only started recording professionally in 2013 and released his first track entitled Ndopa Kutenda KunaMwari which was a moral booster for him as it was well received in his community. He later dropped follow-up singles Zino Irema which he featured with Okoye Swagmore, My Apology, Siyana Neni, which he featured Ti Gonzi to mention but a few.


Takuman has managed to build a following and a name in Masvingo province and is determined to make a national impact.

Takudzwa Mavata(Takuman Zitaguru’s)music is characterized by deep emotions, aggression, wordplay, witty rhymes, metaphors, similes as well as social and political commentary.

Takudzwa Mavata’s ability is stronger than his disability and he strongly believes that him being unable to walk is a matter of perception and is not limited by anything to achieve his dream to become a super star.

Ammara Brown & Takuman

Inspired by multi-award winning hip hip artist Ti Gonzi whom he proudly looks up to as a role model.

Takuman Zita Guru is now under guidance by Beefy Harrison, the Zim Hip Hop Awards CEO, who noticed the talent in him.


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