Lets exorcise that hatred mentality in our music industry

In as much as the local music is heading towards the positive direction, the hatred that is deeply rooted within the industry must be exorcised so that our artists can break new grounds as far as music is concerned.

By Argus Mepo

Back home, artists can mobilise their energy to decampaign and derail other artistes who will be doing exceptionally well at a certain particular time.

Numerous successful artists have been accused of using vodoo, buying awards and bribing and using chicaneries on their way up.

Well some of these allegations are motivated by bitterness and hatred and are unfound, malicious and evil.

Other industries are supportive though, they believe in rising by lifting others. Look at how artists like Koffee, Omah Lay, Rema, to mention just a few have been pushed to their limits by successful artists in their respective countries.

Also look at musical stars like Aubrey Nqwana responded switftly to our local star in the making Andrea the vocalist and gave him a chance. In the recent times, the Lawd of Hits Dj Maphorisa was also looking for the youngster.

Back home, it is highly fashionable for artists to invest in numerous ghost accounts which will be utilised to unleash terror and firing salvos towards other artists. The more interesting matter is it is easy to trace a ghost account and its master as well.

In other countries artists are launching viable record labels, TV stations, Tanzania’s very own launched Wasafi TV yet back home a fire eating and ghost account that is propaganda oriented is perceived as a meaningful investment.

Being a successful musician in Zimbabwe might be a curse as it might make you have an army of enemies the chief ones being fellow musicians, authorities and other stakeholders. Look at how artists like Jah Prayzah and Winky D are fought day and night yet their success must be cherished and celebrated.

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