Mitambo International Theatre Festival 2022 opens call for participation

The Zimbabwe Theatre Academy Trust is happy to announce the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION for the 4th edition of the Mitambo International Theatre Festival 2022 (MITF).The festival will be held from the 20th TO THE 24th OF SEPTEMBER in Harare, Zimbabwe, (both physically and virtually).

This year’s special edition of the Festival will expand the genre of performances to encapsulate theatre and its intersection with Music, Poetry, Performance Art, Dance and Installations. Workshops and Master classes will also be part of this year’s edition. 

The theme of the Festival this year is UPTURN”. When the covid 19 pandemic hit, many floundered, many stopped, flat lined by economic downturns, restrictions on gatherings and loss. Yet some soldiered on, catapulted by an intense need to survive, to speak, to bring into the light adaptive ways of being as the world at large sought new frontiers of normalcy. This year, it is 2 years and counting, since the pandemic struck, the arts have maintained their place in our society as a refuge, as spaces of healing and wonder.

At Mitambo International, we are recognizing the efforts of everyone within our community during this time, and calling for each of us to, Upturn. This is the year we are going beyond.  We are turning up for each other, for ourselves and our communities. To fulfill our destiny in reaching towards the stars as we carry each other through this difficult time in our human histories.

ONLY selected candidates will be communicated with through a formal invitation letter to participate at the 2022 edition.

The participants of the Festival will have to independently cater for their company travel expenses to and from the Festival; visas and other documents required for entry into Zimbabwe. The organizers will cover the group’s local hospitality (including accommodation and meals) during the festival, local transport, performance venue and publicity.

To access the online application form (with all the required details) follow this link

or request soft copy of the application form from   


Application Form


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