Stand up for King Kandoro! The Prodigal Son is brutally witty 

The last time i laughed this hard was in 2019 when King Kandoro hosted his one man stand-up comedy show titled Conspiracy Theories. The Prodigal Son held in Harare and Bulawayo is a riveting experience.

By Plot Mhako

Nothing beats stand-up comedy that is very closer to home and very relatable on so many levels and the latest show by the multi-talented creative and comedian King Kandoro whose real name is Mukudzei Kandoro Majoni.

King Kandoro’s great communication skills, ability to connect with the audience and understanding of a myriad of issues from politics, the economy, the arts and happenings on the streets is deeply compelling especially for someone now based in the UK.

 Kandoro rose to prominence through his comedy skits working with Magamba TV, his podcast known as Sadza in the morning and solo stage performances.

Around 2017 Kandoro introduced us to Madhorofiya Republik which then became the flagship for his other creative works including Sadza in the Morning podcast, an animated series called PaJecha, Madhorofiya Socials and Properganda show.

Drawing a near full capacity audience in both Bulawayo and Harare, Kandoro did not disappoint as he lived up to his billing, setting a great standard for stand-up comedy in Zimbabwe. With a high opening, the show ends with an emotional eulogy in honor of former policeman and Hip Hop blogger Donald “Dodger” Marindire.

The Prodigal Son is candidly rebellious! The show humorously touches on race, UK and Zimbabwean politics, family, Zim Hip Hop, religion, aviation, witchcraft, Cecil John Rhodes, Mbuya Nehanda, Passion Java, sexuality and infidelity.

I hope he takes this show across the globe as it captures Zimbabwean life in the most relatable way.

“The show was deep and funny. / The show made me feel very Zimbabwean. / He presented a very intellectual view on important issues. / The show was an example of freedom of expression in play”

Various people in attendance
You can watch the full show on Youtube

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