Opportunity for Zimbabwean designers: Artwork for UK production

The Collaborative Touring Network and John Pfumojena are looking to commission an artist for work responding to the themes of their upcoming show. The work will be used in promotional materials relating to the show from March 2022.

Following this, the commissioned and fully credited artist will be added to a CTN media pack and receive communication of further call outs and opportunities across the network.

The Collaborative Touring Network (CTN) is a collective of grassroots organisations, based in areas of England where levels of arts investment and engagement are low. Our network is The Old Courts in Wigan, Doorstep Arts in Torbay, Lyrici Arts in Medway, Looping the Loop in Thanet and Jumped Up Theatre in Peterborough.

CTN are partnering with John Pfumojena and an ensemble of global majority performers – to develop and tour a new live performance which draws on multidisciplinary art forms. We will be creating a show that is scored by Zimbabwean Marimba and Mbira music, and various languages. We want communities across the network to engage with this culture and to share their own; contributing their own artistic ideas that will form part of the final performance. We are shaping a work that aims to disrupt convention and which focuses on the importance of places and communities embracing difference.

Go to www.ctn.org.uk for more information on the project and network.

Who are we looking for?

Are you an artist whose work is embedded in or influenced by Zimbabwean culture?

Would you like to see your work used to promote an exciting new arts project nationally?

If so, read on to find out how to apply:

Objective: To create a piece of artwork that will be used to promote the show.

Medium: illustration, painting, graphics, textiles, linocut, mosaic, mixed media, printmaking – any method that can be translated to a JPG/PNG.

The original artwork does not have to be produced digitally, however, you will be required to send a high quality digital image/copy of the work as well as the original so that it can be incorporated into posters, programmes and other promotional materials. This must be at least 300dpi.

Inspiration and Themes:

  • The vision is for the artwork to be full of colour and exude joy and energy.
  • The Mbira & Marimba instruments will focus heavily within the show.
  • Communities and places embracing difference.
  • The show will be performed in the round as a response to the reoccurring influence of circles within Zimbabwean culture. (e.g round huts in villages traditionally formed in a circle, ceremonies performed in circles.)
  • Imagine that outside the circle is a dystopian world where individualism is banned – the artwork should represent inside the circle.

Budget: £500
Application Deadline: Sunday 20th February 2022
Artwork Deadline: Sunday 6th March 2022

How to apply: Send a brief description of your proposed work for this commission as well as any links to your portfolio, work related social media and website to meganb@theoldcourts.com with the subject “CTN Artist Commission: *Your Name*” no later than Sunday 20th February.

Terms: Once an artist has been commissioned, they will receive a contract in return for payment of £500, the Collaborative Touring Network and its partners will retain ownership of the digital version of the commissioned work and have full permission to use it across their website, social media and in any promotional materials relating to CTN. If the work is incorporated into merchandise, the artist will receive 8% commission on profits of the sale. CTN has the right to determine the retail price of any merchandise incorporating the work. Full payment will be sent when final artwork is received. Any profits from sale of merchandise will be reported to the artist monthly during the planned tour of the show (June, July, August) and paid in one settlement no later than 30 days after the final tour date.


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