Dudu Manhenga finds rare love

This Valentine’s Day, Dudu Manhenga and Telco celebrate love for the environment with a photo campaign to shine a bright spotlight on protecting our environment – and maybe inspire us all to a new mindset about caring for our streets, our neighbourhoods – our planet.

It’s a story of beauty and elegance and lovely things, juxtaposed on the filth that is currently consuming our cities. In the photoshoot Dudu models with her husband and longtime business partner Blessing Muparutsa.

Since the launch of her recent book in her ‘3notkord’ series, Past, Present & Future this year, Telco has teamed up with the popular afrojazz and gospel artist, in activities to promote wholeness and wellness, a new reality and a higher quality of life.

Blessing Muparutsa & Dudu Manhenga

In the introduction to Dudu’s poem Littered Souls in her first book, 3notkord: Questions, Assumptions & Conclusions (2017), she wrote:

 “The state of our streets is disappointing and I believe the dirt attests to the condition of our minds, souls and spirits.  It is just a sign of what is happening internally.  It’s not only that the streets are littered, but our values as Zimbabwe at the moment are North-North West: off-course.  We need the compass to begin to point North again. The power is in our hands.”

“… Walking about naked
Our flesh no longer sacred
The state of our souls 
In our streets
Flying plastic
Flying thoughts
Stinking alleys
Stinking speech 
Littered souls.”

We were assigned to take care of our world as it takes care of us.”

About this Valentine’s campaign she says, “It starts with each one of us fixing where we are, and before long the whole world will be fixed.

Blessing Muparutsa & Dudu Manhenga

Dudu invites other artists to post their images and similar messages to their fans, families, friends and further, to reach our country and our world.

Established in 1991, Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd, more commonly known as Telco has been known for a number of “firsts” during its more than 30 year existence in the industry. First to be awarded contracts by the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) projects for the design, installation and commissioning of aerial and burial telephone cable lines in the early 1990s. Telco again became the first indigenous company to be awarded the franchise license to supply internet services in 1997 by the PTC. First of the original three Internet Access Providers to be awarded the draft Internet Access Provider license in 2002 by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ). First to employ and train local indigenous technicians and indigenous engineers for the internet access industry. First to offer commercial Voice over Internet services. First to offer internet and data services over optical fibre cable in the early 2000s to the banking industry. 

The Telco name has become synonymous with Innovative Solutions and new ideas.

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