5 New African Voices to Watch || February Week 1, 2022

A step into February 2022. There is so much talent from Africa. Keep your ears on the ground. Another week just passed and here are your 5 new African voices to watch.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


KUDJOE DAZE is a Ghanaian Afro fusion singer who has managed to package himself as an international talent. His mesmerizing attributes that are within his writing skills can not be matched. Off late he has dropped his Ep titled “ TAKASHAI & GRACE “. A well packed ep. Definitely a voice to keep on one’s radar.


How can one determine that this is a good song, well the first few seconds can say a lot about the rest of the 3 minutes. Okay let’s talk about MIRABELLE FOBI’s energy for a bit. Her energy flows from her music to one’s soul and definitely you will feel it within the first 12 seconds. The Cameroonian-American nurse, singer, songwriter, model and producer was brought up a in Christian home and influenced greatly by James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Manu Dibango, Celine Dion, Sam Cooke and Fela Kuti. As well as her well-known musical parents.


Do not miss out on this wave. There are quiet a number of independent artists who are striving so hard to make it on a global stage. As for RUDE KID VENDA, the odds seems to be in his favor and lot has been flowing in his angle. After him been shared by DAX, the American independent artists, a lot of eyes have been on him as of now. The South African Artist has positioned himself as a Venda rapper who stands out from the rest. A unique way to paint out his canvas.


We will say this again. The global arts stage is now centered in Africa. With a lot of creatives and definitely a different but unique style and quality popping on the African content, all eyes are centered on who is going to blow up next. Well the Malawian artist VALINE is also another amazing voice to keep on your radar. She recently released her debut album and we have to say she is super super talented. Her voice is very soothing and Carrie’s a mellow vibe to it.

5 »» AMANY

From the city of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo. We have to say AMANY surely plays the part, a king in the making. His words and vocals pierce with true emotion and sympathy. You might have seen him from the GANG-O, which also has MJ sings and Murphy Cubic. Their most recent release LALIGA EP has been getting some love.


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