RM Publishers launches The Authors Literary Essentials

RM Publishers Ltd today launched a new publication, The Authors Literary Essentials (ALE) an in-house style publication. The Zimbabwean run but UK based company publishing company specialises in Paperbacks, Ebooks and Magazines and works collaboratively to produce high end author websites and book trailers.

This creative publication aims to build a digital footprint for the literary mind through the digitisation of books to comply with new-age social media marketing strategies. This comes at a time where reading is almost becoming obsolete. This publication hopes to connect with as many erudite as possible to network, promote and find solutions to keep the reading culture alive.

The fundamental aim is to take readers on a literary journey through blogs, audiobooks, podcasting, and talk shows.

The ALE Publication takes readers through a diverse blend of Digitised Literary Snippets from reverting Short Stories, inspiring poetry, to expert interviews, author spotlights and book reviews. Released three times a year, this publication will be online via our website both in print and digital versions. It offers new and seasoned writers an opportunity to creatively express themselves. 

RM Publishers has revealed that cultivating a lifetime reading habit is not easy.

“Technological advancements have specifically been a stumbling block to this effect. It is therefore  important  to promote environments where reading is valued, promoted and actively encouraged as this goes a long way in reviving the reading culture.”

Through our podcasts, talk shows and audiobooks we aim to contribute to the digital space through a meaningful and interactive experience,” RM Publishers added.

RM Publishers Ltd is no stranger to the media, having been covered nationally and internationally for accomplishments in publishing and thriving as an award-winning publisher. The publishing services on offer cater to a wide range of clientele, including first-time authors, religious leaders, business owners, and brand personalities.

The Literary Essentials is available on



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