Freeman HKD’s epic Heist : Robbery Review

I am an avid fan of music videos and I believe nothing adds color and that stamp of authenticity to a body of work than quality visuals. This might be one of the main reasons why I appreciate Freeman. After dropping the solid album end of last year, Freeman HKD recently released the movie like visuals of the title track and its impressive.

By Lennon Mudzengerere

For years the month of January has been the proverbial Sabbath when it comes to anything to do with the arts. The main reason can be attributed to the marathon burn that artists tend to go through during the festivities of December.

Here is a review for the action packed video which hit an impressive half a million views in six days.

The Concept 

One of the main stress points that I have had with Zimdancehall videos and most Zimbabwean music videos has been the lack of concept quality. I know we all remember that era where every Zimdancehall video had an artist in the middle of the road lip-syncing to the song with a lot of “Clarks dancing” in the background.

It’s a good thing that Freeman and Charles Mugavari Jr decided not to take us back to that era.  The concept of the Robbery video is perfect in every sense of the word.

The story parallax is centered on Freeman and the gang committing a “Robbery”.  The story is great and is in sync with the song. Ever struggled to hate a villain in a story, well it is going to be very difficult to hate Freeman in this one. 

The cast is also another marvel. The characters were in sync and we must say there is nothing to take away from the director casting choices. From the gang to the girl who is the paradox of the story, it could not have been done any better. Did I also mention that Nash Paints director Tinashe Mutarisi is part of the cast?

The crew that was in charge of the wardrobe also deserves an appreciative mention. The bullets, the combat fatigue, and even the supporting cast wardrobe are on point, to say the least, and I love it, a lot.  Wardrobe issues have always plagued the music video space. With recent productions though, we have to say that it seems to be quickly becoming a problem of the past.  If you haven’t watched the video yet, the wardrobe selection is going to blow you away, trust me on this one. 

The Acting 

For starters, Tinashe Mutarisi is a maverick. I must admit that the man has always looked like a villain and was perfect for the lead role alongside Freeman. I am beginning to think the whole NASH Paints CEO drive is an act because the performance Tinashe Mutarisi put in was phenomenal. Then there is the “sick father”, the realism in his scenes, well touché. 

Final Verdict 

Well, we love a lot of things about the video but one point that was a bit of a turn-off must be the visual effects especially on one scene where there was an explosion. There is still a lot to be done in terms of CGI when it comes to local videos. This did not dampen the video though.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the video easily clocks a 9.

It looks like 2022 will be a very good year in terms of Zimbabwean music and we can’t wait to get more. 

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