Unmasking Mystery, Mutare’s musical gem set for stardom

Each year we see the rise of one or two new voices that bring something refreshing to the musical scene. After listening to the short but awesome catalogue from Nigel Musa who goes by the name Mystery (the Great) Iam convinced this is one of the most promising Zimbabwean voices for 2022.

By Plot Mhako

Rising from the Eastern Highlands city of Mutare, the young musician was born March 7th in 1995 and he grew up city and did his primary education at Rujeko Primary School then completed his ordinary level studies at Dangamvura High School. Later he went on to complete Lowe and Upper 6 at Cross Power Academy & Royal Academy respectively. 


Raised in a family of four and him being the third child, Mystery actively participated in his church’s praise & worship team which helped him refine his talent.

Mystery has gained a great reputation in Mutare as a singer, songwriter through performances at social, corporate and public functions.

A hardworking artist driven by passion to make it mainstream in the music industry.

His professional career started at the age of twenty-two when he released his first single called “Oh My”.

The artist boasts of an amazing voice and an ability to write relatable and moving lyrics that his audience can relate to which allows him to create a unique kind of AfroPop music style laced with a strong Zimbabwean flavour.

He has released a few songs so far that include “Hold on”, “You and Me”, “Chizevezeve”, “Superwoman and his most recent offering Zvinoita.

His music is produced by Trapper a Mutare based producer, and has also had songs produced by other producers like Terry Obama, as well as Rodney.

His last release Zvinoita which is accompanied by an enthralling music video shot in the beautiful Honde Valley mountains and estates has capture the attention of several music heavyweights who have shown their support.

Artists such as Baba Harare, Travor Dongo, Sanii Makhalima, Darular HKD and Mambo Dhuterere have commented positively on his youtube channel.

Mystery was also a participant in the Starbrite Zimbabwe talent competition in 2021 where he took the overall number 2 position.

His music carries the signature of a futuristic artist who is deeply rooted in traditional Zimbabwean sounds.

Keep an eye and ear on this talent, Mystery is destined far is well managed and supported.

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