Afro Futuristic! Dumi Right, Outspoken and Sykotek drop Stay Focused

International Hip Hop trailblazer and cultural ambassador, Dumi Right, teams up with two other dope emcees from Zimbabwe, Outspoken and Sykotek, for a powerful, high energy song and video appropriately titled, “Stay Focused.”


With so much going on in the world in the grip of a global pandemic, it is easy to be overwhelmed and lose focus. This head nodding track serves as a call to action and a reminder that we should always rise to the challenge, even if the odds seem insurmountable. It also speaks to bridging the gap between generations to help propel us to a brighter Afro Futuristic plane. As the chorus implores,

“Focus on the challenges we’re facin’, Music that’ll spark elevation, Trying to change the current situation, Building with the next generation…” 

The video was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe and Washington, DC with each emcee captured in their natural habitat doing emcee things. The global scale of the song and video are typical of the Global Hip Hop plug Dumi, who has made international collaborations a specialty of sorts. His resume boasts many such endeavors, executed with great success. 

The track was produced by longtime Dumi Right collaborator KHz Pro, who previously did work on the acclaimed Zimbabwe Legit House of Stone album.

The ongoing collaboration with Outspoken, Sykotek and Dumi Right was sparked earlier in 2021 when they worked together to create  a Covid-19 awareness song called “In These Days and Times.” That track was featured on the international compilation Hip Hop Heals. The trio discovered a unique chemistry given their predilection for insightful and impactful lyrics and a killer flow that they individually and collectively use to address challenges in their communities and society at large. Bringing these like minded voices together demonstrated that they had great synergy and so another offering was a necessity. 

Dumi Right, is a performing artist, MC, and songwriter, who has been recognized as a standard bearer in global and progressive hip hop circles for many years. He was first introduced to audiences during hip hop’s golden age as a member of Zimbabwe Legit, one of the first hip hop groups coming from Africa to gain widespread international recognition.

Dumi’s accomplishments have been documented in mass media worldwide including prominent publications such as Billboard Magazine, The Source and academic works of hip hop history including the books Say It Loud! The Story of Rap Music by K. Maurice Jones and The Rap Wars by Trisha Rose. 

Malvin Phanankosi Khupe aka Sykotek is a Hip Hop Artist from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who started making music back in 2006. He raps in English and isiNdebele, his mother tongue. His ability to freestyle, versatility, conscious lyrics and authenticity established his place as  powerful voice on the Zimbabwe Hip Hop landscape.

He is also a Cultural Ambassador who is unapologetic about the promotion and celebration of the diversity of Zimbabwean cultures and languages.

One half of the hip-hop duo, Dialectrik Blue, Outspoken is an activist and organizer with a penchant for creating platforms for youth expression through creative outlets. He is an established voice, known for his insightful and poignant music that relates to real life issues.

Outspoken is also a key figure in fostering growth and development of the art form through his involvement in curating and organizing events for established and upcoming artists of all types to showcase their talents and allow their voices to be heard. 


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