5 New African Voices to Watch | January Week 2, 2022

We are only in the 2nd week of the new year and the amount of talent emerging on our radar is just too must. Here are our 5 NEW AFRICAN VOICES to watch for the 2nd week of January 2022. Gem packed line-up of amazing talents.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


It’s not easy to reach a million streams, it’s takes good content, proper strategies, solid campaigns and an amazing team behind your back. This proves that TITOSE has all this in her bag. Making good music was a flow through she had to make. Her voices is partnered with a soothing mellow vibe that will easily make you sync into her music.



“Lord watch over the street kaffers”.


Just wait a moment and read that again. It’s like he is digging in deep, his verses are stuffed with overlapping bars. This freestyle is mesmerized with truth and heavy weight punchlines.



If you are to ask us who ANITRAM is, “ she is one beautiful voice “. ANITRAM is definitely a performer, she knows and understands how to perform her emotions and feelings. A full package in one, she is uncontainable. Her voice is like an angel, very pure and haunting, great ear candy. Her lyrics have deep meaning,


We can’t hide the fact that a guitarist is one of the most important pillars in a band. A guitarist helps the percussion section to provide the song’s rhythm. JOSHUA is one talented guitarist. It takes a lot for one to get to this level of appreciating each and every moment with a guitar. JOSHUA MOSZI has worked with pioneers from the African continent like STONEBWOY, DAVIDO, ADEKUNLE just to name a few .



Just listen to her singing, what a powerful voice she has. Her voice makes you dive in deep into her emotions that she portrays in her canvas. She makes music one can easily relate to and make a proper conversation out of it. Recently she featured on a track by one of most talented producers from Zimbabwe, TATENDA LXA, on a song titled USAWARA. This track also featured two talented artists, VANNEL and KAE CHAPS.


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