#Artist4SocialChange Speaking truth to power using music

A collective of artists working under the banner #artists4SocialChange recently released a 10-track album titled Phuma and videos that narrate the daily challenges people in communities in Zimbabwe face. 

By Plot Mhako

“The project seeks to speak truth to power using music”

Vusa Mkhaya the producer of the project.

PHUMA is an IsiNdebele word meaning get out or come out, this is used in many situations depending on who you are talking to. Phuma can mean come out let’s go partying or get out of influence and give others a chance. 


The songs on the album touches on a different social problems that affect our society each and every day. Each song carries a message about people who are sleeping on their job or abusing power from church leaders to politicians and the album gives them a warning that enough is enough and it’s high time they stepped out from their habits to build better communities.

Ngakho sithi abaphume (they must get out) PHUMA.

The struggles that include political, societal, and familial and gender issues are covered in the themes that we sing about. This is in a bid to give hope to the masses by representing their silenced voices while challenging those in leadership positions to help solve the unending abuse of human rights, children and women’s rights, corruption, hunger and poverty. 

We seek to challenge the status quo that has silenced masses by being the mouthpiece of the society

The initiative was made possible by Vusa Mkhaya Trust with support from OSISA.

Part of the #Artists4SocialChange team

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