5 New African Voices to Watch | Week 1 2022

Compliments of the new season, welcome to 2022. We bring you 5 amazing voices from across the continent. A new generation who are destined for the global stage.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


Music is moving and evolving very fast these days but XAVEN is caught up in the wave. The Copperbelt based rapper has always had a catchy vibe to suit the current wave making it easy to attract a fan base to her name. After releasing TWALILA which was a tribute song the late former president KENNETH KAUNDA. XAVEN collaborated with YO MAPS on NALEMA, a song that speaks summer banging volumes. 



Do not make a mistake of forgetting this name “ ISH KEVIN “, this voice will spread through Africa in the few months to come. ISH KEVIN is one of the new voices to emerge on the Rwandan soil. ISH is a star of the Drill sound, we can not afford to miss his wave. Every new song he releases carries a full heavy swing call it smack down. Each song drives momentum for him while he binds some sort of enigma in the world of drill.


SARAH has a deep understanding of the anatomy of rhythm and flow that is supposed to delivered with amazing melodie’s. The song bird is also a youth coach and speaker. Her music, videos and concerts reveal hard work combined with raw talent to present a vibrant performance.


LLOYD is one of rising starts from zimbabwe, with abilities to merge soul and amapiano and still be grounded to the Zimbabwean culture. An ability many are failing to perfect. LLOYD SOUL released his EP, LOUD SILENCE Vol.2 December 2021. The 6 track EP is well put together and it would only take 2 minutes to finally get along with his groove. 

5 »» MALIKA 

This sweet mellow and easy going voice deserves your ears. It’s difficult to try and explain or describe MALIKA’s voice in one paragraph. She delivers a full confine of undoubtably amazing vocals that serenades from the heart to the soul. She combines her sultry image with powerful messages. 


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