Hard working MALE artists 2021 | Zimbabwe

Here are some of the hardest working and consistent male musicians in Zimbabwe in 2021. Artists who invested in their brand, music, performances and growth. This is an opinion piece. The review is not exhaustive, there are more male artists who defied the odds last year to release great music, visuals and have managed to handle their brands in a more professional manner.

By Plot Mhako

JAH PRAYZAH | The artist is a workaholic. He never compromised on his sound, visuals and hustle. With a solid album in the bag, an awe inspiring collection of visuals, corporate endorsements and impressive live performances the Uzumba boy keeps standing tall. 2022 will definitely be another year full of surprises. I hope to see him perform at big international festivals, not only pro-Zim events. 

FREEMAN | One of the longest standing from the early Zimdancehall years. His sober and sound approach to music saw him maintain his relevance and brand significance. Serially booked through out the year, and delivering impressive live sets backed by a full band reaffirmed that the HKD boss is here to stay longer. His management has done so well to steer his brand and increasing on audience engagement online. Kudos for incorporating DaRuler more on live shows. 2022 ngoma ndiyo ndiyo. 

ROKI | One of the most difficult thing in showbiz is to make a come-back. Roki managed to return to the hotspot, making some powerful musical moves in the year with major collabos and trend setting visuals. The multi-talented artist did so well. In 2022 my hope is that his financiers keep supporting him but allow him some space to shine on his own. Letting the creative genius find his sound, style and possibly invest in a good composer. 

NOX | One of the most, hardest grinding and surviving Urban Grooves artists around. The Zaka prince has the spirit of a lion and remained determined winning great collabos, dropping some dope visuals, dominating playlists and embarking on fully subscribed tours. Its not easy to make music outside of Zimbabwe and make an impact back home. In 2022 i hope to see a shift in melody and more depth in compositions. 

NUTTY O | Consistency and determination to win sums up the year for the Dancehall star. He dropped an impressive and game changing body of work that shifted mindsets and reignited the nation’s imagination. Compositions, sound and visuals on point. In 2022 i hope to see him shift from back-tracks to incorporating some live elements on his set and taking the Mustard seed far. 

ASAPH | The year started on a high note for the rapper with an MTV award nomination. The artist worked on numerous projects, dropped some visuals and kept performing live. The year ended with another big seal on his cap as he was signed by Def Jam Africa. The move marks a very interesting chapter for local hip hop. In 2022 i hope to see him drop new music, a major collabo and some refreshing visuals. 

QOUNFUZED | Its been literally hard to ignore the work the UK based artist has been making not only this year but for a while. The king of viral videos has a way of coming up with lines that get you hooked. Having started off as a Zimdancehall artist, the singer has developed his own sub-genre and the girls are addicted. In 2022 i am looking forward to nothing but more music and more appreciation from home. 

HOLY TEN | Not many Zim hip hop artists have managed to stay on top for two consecutive years and still command great music and a following. Holy Ten did it! The young star has managed to ride the tide, dropping though provoking music, some cool videos, and tour within Zimbabwe and beyond.  In 2022 i hope he improves on his live performances and brand packaging. Hip hop is a lifestyle and people want to consume more than bars. 

Happy new year ! 


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