Squid game? As Roki and Winky D drop videos simultaneously

THE Game of Thrones returns in Zimbabwe appearing like a Squid Game where one who does a perfect Money Heist could be crowned the ultimate king of wit and grit in the showbiz scene. In one corner wearing extraterrestrial rolling goggles is Winky D born Wallace Chirimuko. At the other end, Roki aka Rockford Josphats who was coming from an ebbing career enjoying his comeback.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Roki, the turned Rhumba artist who aced a million views in the shortest possible time in Zimbabwe’s history decides to unleash his video the same day as Winky D’s.
To Zimbabwe’s music lovers, Winky D’s music needs patience as waiting for his offerings, feels like waiting for ‘Kingdom Come”.

A teaser of the new project

With many anticipating the New Year’s Eve as the date, Winky D and his management scheduled their release date on 17 December. An early Christmas Present.
It is an extraterrestrial album sleeve, Winky D wearing rolling goggles spitting sparks. Space tingz to make fans, ‘Happy Again’.

It is quite affirmative that Showbiz is a cut throat industry where one has to do all he can to remain in the game.

In this case, we are pretty much unsure who is in this game as we know Passion Java as a sponsor with interests in showbiz.

Java entered the showbiz as a sponsor, splurging huge amounts onto the dancehall scene leaving some of us to think here was the messiah of Zimbabwean music.

Chillspot’s main producers Fantan and Levels, Enzo Ishall, Uncle Epatan, the late Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz to mention but these enjoyed the Java shade shielding them from the thankless, unrewarding music scene. Rumours of course popped up mentioning the tiff between Enzo Ishall, Java and Chillspot.
Then kaboom, Passion Java shifted his goalposts. He revived Roki’s waning career. He facilitated a collabo with the inimitable rhumba star Kofi Olomide. Made possible too, collabos with South African music stars.

So hyped was this video featuring Kofi that it made me wonder if Passion was ditching the Zimdancehall scene. Was he?
Winky D, is a musician with a policy where his music, performances do all the speaking more than social media. Hardly does he frequent the social media platforms, which makes his fans a bit worried but when he releases his projects, these anxieties are quelled.
Roki has teased his fans with a song cover, stating it is going to be a surprise video release.
Surprised I was. Actually shocked. Questions crash-landed into my head asking if this was coincidence… or some sort of sabotage…or some form of a wait and see strategy.

Roki and Rhumba Giant Kanda Bongo Man

Could fans be spoilt for choice? Is Passion Java trying to shift allegiance to the Vigilance Music frontman towards himself and Roki?

If you ask me, I think Passion Java is trying to splatter the Zimdancehall genre altogether along with its doyen, Di Bigman. After all, many Zimbabweans fear with the passing on of Soul Jah Love, he died along with Zimdancehall. We have also seen most Zimdancehall musicians reinventing themselves to Nigeria’s Afrobeats as well as the Helmet genre, one pretty closer to the Jamaican Dancehall ‘style and pattan’.
It remains to be seen. After all these are just some theories I made up.
Who are you going to watch first, Winky D or Roki?


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