Dream come true for Victoria Fall’s 12 year old, Andrea The Vocalist

12 year-old Victoria Falls boy, Andrea Sibanda, also known as Andrea The Vocalist today realised his dream, as his collaboration with a South African star, Aubrey Qwana was released.

By Plot Mhako

Andrea Sibanda went viral on short-form video platform Tiktok after his rendition of an old church song ( called Ndodana at 12 Apostles Church) went viral and Aubrey Qwana announced that he wanted to work with him and started looking for him.

Although Aubrey found Andrea a little bit late when he had already recorded and released his own rendition of “Uhambo”, fans kept asking for the two to collaborate, something which was later arranged and work started in eanerst. 


When Zimbabwean born and South Africa based artist manager and record label owner, Tendai Joe embarked on a search for the boy after indications that the young talented singer could be from Zimbabwe, Aubrey’s song was already out. His mission, he says, was to ensure Andrea gets to benefit from his talent and the virality of his short video performance. Tendai was connected to a Sibanda family friend Nkanyiso Tokyo, a young man credited with coordinating everything around Andrea on the Zimbabwean side. Tokyo was the main plug and made everything smoother for the project, from media interviews in Zimbabwe, meetings, to content creation and ensuring the Andrea studio schedule was in place and he got to record. 

The project required a dedicated team who understood the task at hand. Andrea’s production team put together by Tendai included. Songwriter and artist, Funi Emmanuel Msiza aka Juizee SA from JBross Entertainment, who had to make 7 different samples of the song, and also write verses for Andrea!

Tendai Joe, a SA based artist manager and label owner, who stepped in to assist Andrea Sibanda and the parents, says the project had its challenges, but everything worked out in the end. “I have never worked on anything like this. The challenges, both internal and external, were just too many. But I knew we were going to have obstacles, I am just thankful that Andrea’s parents are strong believers. Everyday we prayed. Everyday we ensured we encouraged each other. And there is Tokyo, who made life easier for us, because he was on the ground in Vic Falls to assist” 

Andrea is going to get 100% revenue from the song as well as owning the masters to the song. His father will handle Andrea’s finances and or any income that comes from the music, with a special purpose bank account specifically opened for that. 

Andrea and his family

There are plans to shoot a video featuring Aubrey Qwana, although the recently imposed quarantine restrictions in Zimbabwe makes it logistically challenging to have Aubrey in Victoria Falls for a day, just to shoot the project. 

Some of the reactions from Youtube


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