ZimDancehall Awards 2021: State of the genre, 2 categories added, positivity emphasised

As we are about to conclude the year 2021, we would like to thank each and everyone who has been supporting, representing and working tirelessly to uplift Zimdancehall Music to be the leading genre in Zimbabwe Music Industry.

By Blexs Gyver Rakatendeka, ZimDancehall Awards organiser

Zimdancehall has been dominating the musical landscape for over a decade now hence with this year’s edition we are going to celebrate our culture, honoring and appreciating those who paved the way for Zimdancehall to be were it is today.

Zimdancehall event

The story of Zimdancehall is incomplete without mentioning the Pioneers of the culture, so this year our main goal is to Honor the Pioneers who have served the Dancehall fraternity for over TEN years.

2021 has been a year of mixed fortunes, with some Positives and Negatives.

Positives being

The number of Albums 

Riddims with packed artists 

Evolution of the sound

Quality videos

International collaborations which are helping to spread the market of Zimdancehall across the nation.

Some corporate s engaging with our artists which is benefiting some artists to survive during this Pandemic.

With all these scores in 2021 it is a plus to the growth of the genre and also reviews that some other people are working tirelessly with their hard earned money and sacrifice to fund their projects in light of the pandemic and economic quagmire 

Negatives being

Covid-19 as the main challenge that adversely affected the industry at large  

Outbreak of Drug Abuse especially Mutoriro/Guka

We have lost many super stars

Some key stakeholders like Djs,MCs,Artists etc have been struggling to get bookings

We have seen a number of shows being either canceled or postponed due to Covid 19 restrictions 

2021 has been a tough year especially for new artists,yes there are so many new voices rising but they failed to successfully penetrate,dominate outshine other already established artists.For the past years,every year we would witness new artists trending and this can be traceable to many musical epochs,be it the heydays of the likes of Tocky Vibes,Mbare boys,Jah Signal, Enzo Ishall and the New Generation as well. 

In the same context, we would like to thank some promoters and artists who have been progressively complying with the World Health Organization and Govt regulations so as to mitigate and curb the spread of deadly virus at live concerts/shows with huge numbers of fans like City Sports,Harare Gardens etc.

This year the Awards have 30 Categories were we are going to award 30 people with many votes in each and every category.

We have also introduced 2 new categories which are Outstanding Social Media Personality and Outstanding Tribute/Dedication to Souljah Luv,since we lost our doyen of dancehall music who have also scooped the King Of Zimdancehall Award for so many times,we have heard a number of songs and riddims dedicated to him,therefore we have seen it befitting to show our respect by reserving a category dedicated to Souljah Luv.

The 2021 Nominees will be released on the 17th of December and the Winners date will be announced later.

This Edition is going to be glitz and glamour as we are going to have a double event for the first time.

ZimDancehall Awards 2019

We are going to have Red carpet event for 2019&20 Edition Winners whilst waiting for the big one of 2021 Edition.

Our main aim is to support, encourage, motivate and appreciating our local music with no mediocre and no boundaries of demo-graphical structure, Zimdancehall is for everyone either you are in Zaka, Gokwe, Chilonga, Binga to Harare, Byo, Gweru, Mutare and across the world, we say together we can rise our flag high, the sky is the limit.

However since we are celebrating the consistency & the foundation of Zimdancehall as the genre which has stood the test of times, we would like to emphasize our fellow brothers and sisters to desist from drug abuse especially Mutoriro, this drug is affecting the health and mentality of many youths. Please lets stay away from Guka this drug is killing many talented youths.The outbreak of drug abuse is also contributing to high crime rates(robbery, domestic violence etc.This drug is also causing a disconnection between parents and their children’s, which is not right.

We also advice the youths to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS by using protective measures and methods.

We would also like to emphasise the youths to get vaccinated, wear face masks, use sanitiser, social distancing and avoid attending too much gatherings by complying with the govt restrictions.

For us to be able to host these awards we also ask for your help and support to do something to appreciate those who have been working hard to entertain us throughout the year.

Contact us at +27725851467/+263782784701 OR simply visit our social media platforms @Zimdancehall End Of Year Awards 

We invite you all corporates, Mbingas, individuals who are willing to support the movement.

Thank you Zimdancehall Followers for your continued support since day one. We wish you a Merry Christmas. #ZimDancehallAwards



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