Extra Covid measures: Implications on the Cultural  and Creative Sector

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) would like to advise players in the Cultural  and Creative Sector (CCS) in Zimbabwe to abide by the extra measures announced by His  Excellency the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa to deal with the new COVID-19  variant. 

By Nicholas Moyo, Director _ National Arts Council of Zimbabwe

Cognisant of the threat posed by the new Omicron variant, NACZ urges sector players to  guard against complacency and adhere to the additional restrictions as espoused by his  Excellency regarding the following: 

(a) Number of People in CCS spaces-The owners of venues MUST ensure that the  number of people and their behaviour should comply with the World Health  Organisation (WHO) protocols of masking, social distancing and sanitizing. 

Nicholas Moyo

(b) Vaccinated Patrons-Owners of CCS venues MUST ensure that only vaccinated patrons are allowed into their premises for shows, performances, exhibitions etc. (c) Foreign Artists-All foreign Artists coming into Zimbabwe MUST undergo PCR  testing and will be quarantined for days recommended by the WHO, even if they  present negative PCR test results from elsewhere. 

(d) Curfew Period-All shows, performances MUST end one (1) hour before the start of  the curfew period or at 2000 hours. This is to give ample time for patrons to travel to  their respective places of residence before the start of the curfew period at 2100 hours. 

Meanwhile, all clearance letters already issued for shows shall be subject to the above enhanced protocols and promoters should stand guided.

The NACZ implores players in the  sector to take heed of the new enhanced restrictions and enforce them accordingly at their  venues and shows so that their operations do not impede on the government’s effort of  reducing the spread of the deadly disease.

The NACZ will also keep on engaging the  government to ensure that the COVID-19 restriction measures do not work against the  positive strides taken to re-open the sector which is still reeling from the effects of the  different lockdown regimes implemented over the past two years to curb the spread of the  Coronavirus disease. 


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