Lloyd Soul gives a glimpse of his forthcoming EP

Music is evolving at a faster pace these days with so many new artists popping up each day it can be difficult for any music fan to keep pace. For the next few days we will cut through the noise to tell about one of most talented urban soul artists Lloyd Soul.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

As we come to the end of the year, Lloyd Soul might be part of your top 5 most soulful artists from Africa. His catalog consists of great music that contributed to his award of best house artist as he also appreciates house music and Amapiano. His new EP LOUD SILENCE Vol.2 which will be released in the next few days to come comprises of well structured music that may be a December anthem. 

My appreciation on life is within this EP “


Muteuro which has a snippet that has been circulating proves that this EP deserves an ear. His flow might have a down tempo groove it suddenly turns up to tune the mood up.

His appreciation of house music can be felt from the first tract to the last track with a twist of dance. 

Most definitely and without a doubt the Amapiano sound has been influential in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. The song Loud Silence carries a well mastered and mixed production.

Lloyd Soul

The artist is also a music producer and sound engineer which explains the quality of the project he is about to drop. He also sought the hand of fellow producer Boy Tricky.

The marriage between Soul and Amapiano music makes the young-star an irresistible voice.

Without a doubt LOUD SILENCE Vol.2 is a befitting gift for Christmas. This 6 track EP is set to be released in the next few days. More details will be availed soon, keep your ears on the ground. 


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