The Mangé Games : Zimbabwe’s virtual cooking competition in 2nd edition.

The Mangé Games opened up the culinary  coliseum for the 2nd edition of the only virtual  cooking competition held in Zimbabwe this year on the 15th of September and what a thrilling and vibrant month and a half it was.


The competition which is held mainly on Instagram and Facebook saw new and old contestants entering the virtual Mangé Kitchen before battling it Live at Leoste Culinary Arts Academy in Harare on the 30th of October where a new champion was crowned.

9 contestants battled it out for 4 weeks of imaginative cooking mixed with unworldly challenges that tested the contestants’ plating, culinary knowledge and adaptability when given various ingredients to work with.

The main judges for the competition included the President of the Zimbabwe Association of Chefs, Chef Leonard Moyo, Taku Hove (Co-Founder of Red Poivre) & Marvellous Nyongoro (Host of African Food Finds) passed the final verdict for the final as contestants only had 30 minutes to prepare a dish from the mystery box which included mealie meal, chicken, cherry tomatoes and herbs.

“The final for me was intimidating because I was the only female left, not only that but the least experienced compared to the two guys”.

Tsungai Mtazu the newly crowned Mangé Games  Champion.  

She stunned the judges taste buds away with her sadza sticks and chicken lollipop stew. A big twist on the traditional  approach to preparing and serving sadza.

Throughout the competition she expressed herself through all her dishes and entered the Games because of the excitement she has for food.  ” It was a thrilling experience above all I’m glad I was a part of it. I learnt a lot of self-control and the games pushed my creativity more than usual”.

“Let’s  Get To The Food Business”


However there were a few learning curves during  the 4 weeks and the judges not only rated the game week challenges but also provided feedback to help the contestants grow as chefs.  “When we were being given live feedback I had one comment about my plating and use of colour, which was discouraging  for a moment but I realized that not everyone will understand  your art and depending  on how you take it constructive criticism is still good.

Tsungai and Chef Roy or better known as The Dusted Chef were given prize hampers by Mr Sauce, Nutritious Tartar Juice and Meraki  Creations who were amongst the events partners and  certificates accredited  by Chef Moyo  himself as he continues to share his knowledge  to help Zimbabwe  Chefs fully react their potential.

As more chefs and passionate cooks are coming out to showcase  their skills the Games will continue  to grow and look to foster these hidden treasure and build a food and beverage  community  where value is added and people enjoy expressing themselves  through  food.


Sadza sticks and chicken lollipop stew Recipe” – By Tsungai Mtazu

Mealie meal

Boil water
Finely chop parsley
In a separate pot add your mealie meal and boiled water , form a thick consistency (make sure you are able to form a solid ball)
Cook your mix for 3-5 minutes
Remove from the heat and place the mix on a board and knead
Form sticks
Heat up oil until very hot
Deep fry the sticks until golden brown

Mr Sauce Soy sauce
Cherry tomatoes

In a pan
Add cut onions (rings)
Crushed garlic
Cherry tomatoes (halved)
Fry for 10 -12 minutes
Add salt to taste
Add soy sauce to your liking
Cook for 5 more minutes and set aside
In a pot with boiling water  par cook your drums add salt  cook for at least 10 minutes .
Remove from the pot and place in a pan with hot oil deep fry until golden brown .
Remove from oil and place the drums in your tomato mix until properly combined.


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