Rachel J and Novi Keys’ Strong black man artistically pregnant, enthralling.

Once you play this song and watch the video you will definitely get hooked! The highly addictive and visually captivating body of work from SA based songstress Rachel J featuring Novi Keys whose video was directed by Simba Gee is outstandingly impressive.

By Plot Mhako

Rachel J was born in Kwekwe, raised in Gweru before settling in South Africa for her studies grew up as multitalented girl who has always had a passion for cultivating her full potential in all her gifts and talents.

Rachel J

Many may recall her name from the collabo with Enzo Ishall titled Officer which ended up getting censored from the airwaves.

Rachel J who is a well sought after fashion and interior designer who has succeeded in dressing prominent personalities in the business and arts has proven her eye for the finer things, fashion and color as the video captures in various scenes.

Rachel J

A talented singer and aspiring TV personality, Rachel who says she intends to spread the word of God through her music and reach people from deep opens the new songs with recital of words that appreciates the creator’s prowess when he created the black men.

Scene from the video

The track which is easy on the ear flows effortlessly, waxing lyrical on the beauty of the blackman. Backed by a well coordinated choir Rachel J exudes her beauty and energy in an amazing way whilst flaunting her fully grown baby bump in a bold and rare act of confidence.

Novi Keys does not disappoint as he brings the Swahili magic mixed with a bit of Shona and spices it up with some dope dance moves.

Novi Keys

The well selected cast in the video draped in various beautiful outfits in colourful contrast with the scenes, sets and props added flavour to the brilliant cinematography by seasoned videographer Simba Gee.

This is solid despite and it deserves every eye and ear.


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