Lloyd Soul’s Loud and Silence Vol 2 EP a befitting festive gift

Forget about Christmas day and the entire festive season because musically the month of December is absolutely packed up and promising as one of the shining stars Lloyd Soul is set to drop his EP Loud and Silence Volume 2 which is set to colour the festive season with joy and class. 

By Argus Mepo 

The super talented singer has been developing behind the scenes for sometime now  and is ready to officially unveil his supreme artistic skills in this upcoming project which is only few days away. 

Lloyd spent the greater part of this year moulding his growing musical career which is embodied in the . He was  busy producing hit records  and busy creating musical masterpieces as well.
The EP is a 6 track project that covers a wide array of issues which the masses can relate too, coated soulful, catchy and melodious  vocals, his voice is precious it hits hard to the Soul as his name entails.


Loud and Silence Volume 2 also serves as a clear indicator to the versatility  of Lloyd Soul as he showed his other brilliant side as a music producer. He solely produced the entire EP and was then mixed and mastered by Boi Tricky.  

Lets brace for the best for this musical project is about to drop. With enough support and motivation he will inevitably fly our Zimbabwean flag high world over.


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