Tamy Moyo’s Bvudzijena Album an elastic masterpiece

Generally  Bvudzijena is associated with old age and wisdom, similarly  these traits are also visibly recognised in Tamy Moyo’s Bvudzijena album just like old age it is mature and it also  professes lyrical and creative wisdom. 

By Argus Mepo 

Its a monumental piece that houses two departed musical icons, Soul Jah Love and King Calvin who have left a big gap in the contemporary dancehall and hiphop genres respectively. The album facilitated the second coming of these two legends who absolutely came in full force as they delivered colorful verses. 

Tamy Moyo on stage

The cultural elements were also fused perfectly with style with the contemporary sound  which  produced a unique musical product. Sare to be specific is song that has two binary constructions, one sound will lead you to the present times of afropop and the other will drag you to the past traditional times with traditional and cultural elements in it. All this was done in one song, thats creativity at its best. 

Bvudzijena is an elastic masterpiece that covers and tackles a wide array of issues that people experience on a day to day basis.

Mutoro is also a symbolical song that reflects the different and various struggles that people went through daily. Well thats the purpose of art !  

Tamy Moyo

One of the big songs in the album so far is also Angila Ndaba featuring Nutty O and the late Calvin. Delivery and lyricism have always been Tamy’s  strengths and the compliation reinforces this, Nutty O and Calvin also raised the bar. Strategic collaborations like these which cuts across ethnic divides are healthy in creating a vibrant and unified music industry. 

Forget about her age, musically she has done wonders within a short space of time. Big stepper featuring Valee Music butresses her overwhelming contribution to the music industry, indeed she is a BIG STEPPER. She has won multiple awards, won scores of endorsment deals, represented the country at big stages like Coke Studio Africa, not mentioning her long list of hitsongs.

Out Now

As a  role model to many and an influencer she also brought the inspiration and positive vibe. Do my own thing is a positive dose that jump starts people out of the enjoyeable comfort zone into working and enjoying the fruits of the sweat. The message is very clear especially to the girl child!

An aura of hope is what Bvudzijena is all about. She has never ceased to aspire to inspire, Star in the night is a song and a half. 

Love and all its multifaceted forms be it the good or evil compoments were also artistically explored with super artistry and creativity. Songs like Chiuya, Kuberekana and Rudo featuring the late Soul Jah Love are revealing. 

The diversity of the album is worth appreciating.

The sound , lyrical composition, mixing and mastering was done perfectly well producing a consumable musical good that can be competitive regionally and beyond. Big shout out to the producers Chiweddar, No Limits, Sunshine, Leekay and the rising Nasper Incoming, who is also another baad producer to watch out for.


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