Nutty O reaffirms global drive with Ndiwe video featuring Demarco


The Mustard Seed formula has been working perfectly well for Nutty O. After watching his brand new video Ndiwe featuring Dermaco, lm fully convinced that he is twenty steps in the right direction.

By Argus Mepo

The video, directed by Director  Aaron Mheta, takes viewers into the pressure-cooker world of a star on the rise. In his league, King Fawad has been  causing one hell of a stir on the Zimbabwean music scene especially with the release of his debut album Mustard Seed. 

Nutty O

The visuals are tight, well oiled and in tandem with the concept of the song. Above all, a global musical heavyweight Demarco added weight to the visuals.  The set, designs and the elegancy was a clear manifestation of super creativity. 

Coming from smooth and catchy scenes, Dermaco could be seen vibing  his roles skilfully as he performed his verse, he set the bar even higher. 

The Ndiwe lovestory was potrayed and visualised with style,  finesse and ease. Its one of the best visual production for 2021. The video is stunning and mind blogging. 

Basically this projects add weight to the career of Nutty O as a rising giant especially by tapping into the musical territories and spaces of Dermaco. Strategic patnerships and alliances like these are what the Zimbabwean music industry needs for now. With this kind of work ethic and network, Zimbabwe will eventually take over. Well done ABX the video is super good. 


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