Ngonie Kambarami retraces 20 year music journey with Limitless album

Ngonie has been making music for almost 20 years. Looking back, he realised that such a milestone deserves a commemoration. The now UK based crooner retraces his musical journey with a milestone album titled Limitless.

By Plot Mhako

In December 2002, Ngonie released his first single, Ndiwe Chete which, thanks largely to Innocent Tshuma, catapulted him into the limelight. The song was loved by young and old alike and received generous airplay in those days.

Despite its heartbreaking message it became a wedding anthem which he has had to reluctantly sing to some love birds who insist on it being played. The success of Ndiwe Chete led to the recording of his first album under the ThatSquad label.

Ngonie Kambarami

This album was released in 2002 and carried hits like Wakaenda, Bvuma, Donna and the underrated but much loved Wabata Moyo wangu to mention but a few. It was produced by the talented duo comprising of the late Sipho Mkhuhlane, popularly known as TBA and the vibrant Tatenda Jenami aka Take 5

His sophomore album Angu Mashoko came up on his 21st birthday on the 19th of October 2004. The production team on this album, which was done under his own Highway Entertainment label, was composed of Lyton and Brian Ngolomi who worked along with the late TBA. It also had a track, Pedyo Newe that was produced by the late great musician Fortune Mparutsa and Flash Gordon Mutekedza. This album was successful both on the radio music charts and in commercial terms. It carried the unforgettable and timeless classic Angela which continued his cross over appeal across generations. Other mentionable tracks on the album include Shamwari which he did with Alexio Kawara and Mazakwatira whose jit inspired lyrics were accompanied by a catchy ragga tune before the days of Zim Dancehall. 

The album Limitless is the culmination of this introspection. It is a symbolic album which shows the artistry and craft that he has gained over the years. In this work, Ngonie brings a diverse range of sounds each with a different touch.


Ngonie has not only survived 20 hard years in the industry, but that he has also grown musically and lyrically. Limitless in the way he sings and in the way he attacks different musical genres, owning them – his music continues to cut across generations – giving every age group something to enjoy on this offering

1. Melanin– An Afro pop song that speaks of the appreciation of the skin tone and natural beauty of the African woman. The unique sound shouldl have you on your feet from start to finish.

2.Kana Uchindida– a love song that comes to the rescue of those who shy away from expressing their feelings to the ones they feel for. With a catchy beat, it takes you to a different time zone where you find yourself falling in love with the music.

3. Do-re-mi – is a song about how someone feels complete like the musical notes when their partner is there. It is another catchy Afro pop tune. 

4. Keep it easy– Thi is a song about how sometimes we just want our partner to be our solitude and not anything that gives us stress. No pressure and stress but pure enjoyment of each others company.

5. Where do we go– a song that speaks about how sometimes it is difficult to move on after a long term relationship and we sometimes find our ex partners wanting a second chance but it’s too late we have already moved on. very catchy beat

6. Ruvara– this song asks a very tricky question. What is the colour of love? inspired by how sometimes we question the things that are done in the name of love. Really what is the colour of love?

7. Sunungura – Is a song pleading to the almighty to come down and release us from the shackles of life because we are constantly battling many demons life throws at us. From the way we live and how our youths are threatened by drug abuse and other bad things in society. Carried on a mellow reggae beat, it will leave you in awe.

8.Inga Wani– A song about how someone goes through life living and abiding to all the rules of life but somehow things never get better for them. The beat might mislead you because its too sweet.

9.Dai aikuda– a controversial song about how some unmarried women are comfortable with being the other woman.

10. Amai– This is a special dedication to all the mothers who have sacrificed their all to keep a roof over their children and love them unconditionally. We all love our mothers and its good to play this song for them whilst we still can. Inspired by true events. 

11.same as number 2

12.I did wrong– some would call this a cliche because it’s the unending story of love and forgiveness. where we are constantly doing our partners wrong and asking for them to hear us out. Definitely a must listen

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