5 NEW VOICES to watch powered by DISTROHIVE MUSIC

Hello! We continue on our weekly 5 New Voices to watch series powered by Africa’s leading music distributor Distrohive. This week we have yet another set of amazing artists.

Prepared by Tafadzwa Gambiza


Its quite hard to speak on an amazing, the difficult part will be explaining. Ruvimbo’s voice will leave you speechless and blown away. Once known as Rue and later changed to her original name RUVIMBO, born with a voice that speaks melody and rhythm as a packed that is delivered as a one. RUVIMBO released an amazing EP which speaks volume and magnitude, its hard to ignore the perfection that is carried in the EP.


PANACHE’s fully understands what it means to produce and release music. A single, an EP or an Album is a way of providing a doorway for your audience to tap into your universe. He got a rare homegrown essence to his writing skills. ‘ FEEL THE VIBE 2 ‘ has got 17 tracks that carry a deep meaning which displays his emotions. First you need to tap into his galaxy.

His voice sinks in well in the ears. His music takes you deep in his galaxy.


WOOOOOOW! JUST MIND BLOWING. ALFRED is a rare voice. His music sounds like tie-dying your ears to hear his whole world in permanent technicolor. Love at first sound is how we would define ALFRED’s music.

We have no doubt that his sound will make you want more of his amazing voice.

The creativity in his writing skills is impeccable.


Well In rap, flow is just that, a very smooth, relaxing to listen to ‘stream’ of lines. A good rap flow gently glides over the rap beat without interfering with how the other instruments in the song are flowing. If you still don’t understand listen to any of his song. He qualifies as a full definition.


Making music that it is filled with the Holy Spirit takes one who is also filled with the Holy Spirit as well. ELEANA is an amazing vocalist with powerful melodies. The rest of the world should and must be ready for her. ELEANA has her own sweet vehicle uplifting sound. Her songs have powerful chords that uplifts your soul.


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