Fiesta Fiesta the ultimate Harare party event

After close to a year long halt due to the Covid pandemic, FIESTA FIESTA an event created to share beautiful and pleasurable memories. returned with a bang. The jam packed music, drink, dance, and food hosted monthly at the ZB Sports club in Harare has become the prime go to event in the capital.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

The last edition gave a memorable treat with a special “Amapiano” edition headlined by the likes of DJ MADEHERBELIEVE, DJ FUJEE, DJ SMITH, DJ STORM and the man behind FIESTA FIESTA Dj Chucknosis. Their sets were nothing else but fire and people enjoyed as it started to pump up as the festival went into the night. If you have been to FIESTA FIESTA you totally understand why Chucknosis is called a monster Dj. 

Dj Chucknosis – Fiesta Fiesta host

FIESTA FIESTA team made sure that at the entry people followed the set Covid-19 protocols without slowing the admission process and everything is reasonably priced.

FIESTA FIESTA team team also came up with a very easy way for people to get their tickets from where ever they are and even weeks before the festival. One had to simply send “ NDEIP “ to a number and either pay using ecocash or bank transfer with the equivalent rate. This is a feature they might use again for the next FIESTA FIESTA festival. To date they have a database of almost their FIESTA FESTIVAL lover, so don’t stress you will probably seeing messages of the next festival popping on your phone. 

Sound is one of the most crucial pillars a festival has to look into and for FIESTA FIESTA it’s one of their priorities to always deliver. They also made sure that they food would be on point and up to standard. 

FIESTA FIESTA is home of everyone, the festival is graced by socialites, the young working community, hustlers and the who is who in the city As it’s also family day with games for families during the day. Such a festival promotes good vibes and bonding time with family and friends. 

Fiesta Fiesta

The event meets the challenges presented by the pandemic and provided a top-notch large-scale festival, while delivering all that we expected and more: big names, rising talent, high-quality sets, delicious food, accessible transportation, and a safe space to be expressive. 

As earGROUND we are super happy that we had to experience an amazing festival and we are definitely looking forward to the next FIESTA FIESTA FESTIVAL.

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